Divinity is in the Cells of Our Body

The goal of The Divine Intelligence Process is to uncover the divine in us. In this process, we teach you how to change the structure of the brain.

In the brains of people who are emotionally upset, the cells of the Limbic System fire wildly and randomly. The same is true of a depressed brain; the Limbic System is over active and the Neo-Cortex is too quiet. Yet, in people who are happy, productive and fulfilled, the Limbic System is calm and the Neo-Cortex is energized, the natural divine state of the brain at birth.

In The Divine Intelligence Process, you learn to calm the Limbic System (the feeling brain) and energize the Neo-Cortex (the thinking brain). Using such basic concepts in neuroscience, our process steps you through uncovering this original God-like state of mind called Divine Intelligence: a calm Limbic System managed by an energized Neo-Cortex.

By the end of the process you have ignited extraordinary powers within you and are connected to your own Divine Intelligence.

In taking the process, you are helping accelerate the human evolutionary process. You are connected to God because the only God we will ever know is the God within us.

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