Coaching: A Divine Calling

Why has the profession of coaching emerged within the last 20 years?

What is the need our profession is addressing?

Why are people willing to spend their time and money being coached?

Coaching is more than making winners perform better, get higher results or have a more fulfilled life.

Yes – we may all think more is better, but having more hasn’t increased our human happiness and contentment. We are still as lonely as before even though we are surrounded by technology to help us make better connections.

In order to be happy and fulfilled, people want connection and relationships. The coaching profession offers what people are looking for today.

There are five important ways we can keep coaching as one of the largest growing professions in the world:

  1. As Joseph Campbell once said: People have always come together seeking a soul connection and that is what people are wanting in coaching. This is what a coach must provide.
  2. We now realize that changes in the external world will no longer solve our world problems—it will take going into our internal world and changing our thoughts. As coaches, we must begin teaching our clients how to change their thoughts in order to change our world.
  3. The cult of mandatory optimism has to die—we have to learn as coaches to deal with people’s real feelings—all of them including the negative ones for real change to occur. If we only look for the positive for our clients—they sense that we are not accepting them just as they are. We have to stop being afraid of our client’s negative feelings. Or as Campbell puts it, we must go down into the belly of the whale.
  4. An expert wants to get the answer as quickly as possible. A master coach want to sit in the problem for as long as it takes the client to come to the answer.
  5. There is extreme importance in doing our own emotional work as coaches. We cannot coach people through their emotional journey if we get triggered by their stuff. We can only be present and accepting to our client’s sadness and anger if we have done our own work.

Our future clients want relationships with us, not solutions. They want to be heard at a very deep level, an experience that this busy world does not provide.

The gift of coaching is providing a sacred space for each of us to be heard. Coaching spurs a movement forward for humanity.

Coaches are on the edge of this movement like shamans leading but yet not separate. We have our own problems if we fail to look within ourselves for solutions. Masterful Coaches dare to question the fundamentals and challenge a client’s borrowed beliefs.

Men should be able to cry and women should be allowed the burning feeling of anger. Coaching cannot be defined in words because it is a conversation.

Let’s dare to have deep talks with our clients because it is up to us to change and better this world of ours.

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