Remote Healing with our own Divinity

My twin granddaughters: Nola (with hat) and Poppy

“Our life force may be the least understood but most powerful force on earth.”

– Norman Cousins

I wanted to throw that “darn” Divine Intelligence book across the room to make it stop staring up at me. I felt like it had a face with eyes on the cover, like the Mona Lisa following me where ever I turned. At one point, I took it off my desk and put it back on the book shelf thinking this would hide it from me.

“Go away,” I told Dr. Jayne Gardner, the great spiritual healer. I know you are well meaning but this is not the time.

As it turned out, it was the perfect time, of course, to reread my own book.

The Best Day of My Life

Grandparenthood had come late in life for me. I was twenty years older than my mother when my daughter was born. I had given it up as something I would never experience telling myself it was not as great as my friends all claimed. My protection against a loss. And then the miraculous news: there was two little specks of white light shining out from the sonogram! Two! How could I have been so lucky? And how did I ever think grandparenthood wasn’t the most exhilarating experience in life?

The icing on the cake was the time in the birthing room where the twin girls’ names were announced to the world. One of those little bundles all curled up in a swaddling blanket was lifted up for her name to be revealed….. she would take on the first name of her maternal grandmother, Susan Jayne. The best moment in my life! One of my granddaughters was given my name. She would be called Nola Susan.

The Worst Day of My Life

Four torturous weeks have passed since that phone call which left me hopeless, bereft and void of any positive supportive thoughts. I still remember where I was sitting, what I had on, and how the sun felt beaming in from a high window in my living room. I was reading; it was Saturday afternoon and there was no place I had to be; nothing I had to do. My favorite place to be: in the corner of my sofa, safe and secure. The perfect day was going on for me, crowned with a family dinner with my daughter, her partner and my two adorable grandchildren.

Suddenly, it came: the phone call we all dread and are ever fearful of getting. I heard my daughter’s frantic voice on the phone. What was wrong? My mother’s instinct knew immediately something was terribly wrong.

A mass had been discovered in my granddaughter Nola’s stomach. Her parents were rushing her to the children’s hospital in Dallas. Eventually the doctors put the ugliest name I can think of on it: cancer. The name turned out the light within me and left me in total darkness.

My career, indeed my life, is based on the premise: Our thoughts create! I had even gone so far as to write a book about it—Divine Intelligence. The book had been trying to get my attention ever since I learned of Nola’s illness but I was not interested.

I had built an entire institute around this New Thought premise. I was a New thought speaker. I trained spiritual coaches. I was a gifted spiritual coach. I wrote spiritual books.

But, any since of spiritual power had left me. All I could see was Nola’s little body after surgery so still, white and quiet, unlike the lively two-year old she had been yesterday. I could close my eyes and see the confused look on her little innocent face when her mother was no longer protective, calming and soothing her from a scrapped knee but was holding her down in seemingly agreement with a white lab coat for a torturous lab draw or MRI or worst ever, surgery.

Divine Intelligence Reaches Out to Me!

That was when I starting noticing my own book sitting on my desk, following me as if it had something to say to me right now.

Ok Dr. Jayne, I am listening, but I don’t know what you could possibly tell me that would make me feel alive again. If this were me with the cancer, I could use all I know and have learned from you and “think” myself into health. I know I could do it. Why couldn’t it be me? But Nola is two years old. How could I ever impact her thinking or help her?

There had not been a free moment to absorb the realization that Nola indeed did have cancer. The preceding days had been filled with hospital visits, more tests, more trips to Dallas for visits with specialists about her cancer diagnosis and treatment choices. Family and friends had poured in to help us.

Today was the first day I had nothing scheduled to keep me from my thoughts. The quietness settled in.

You would pick today, Dr. Jayne, to want to send me a message.

I pulled my Divine Intelligence book from the bookshelf where I have retired it, and held it in my hands for a while, just feeling the soft cover for a minute, pondering the message I had delivered to “other” people. I didn’t have to open the pages. Whether I wanted to listen or not, my own higher self began to talk to me.

Heal Thyself First


I speak to you today from that mind of infinite Divine Intelligence where you and I both exist. You and Nola are both in the Universal One Mind of God. The One Mind always accepts your thoughts and acts upon them. Always. Disease without thought could never manifest.

My mind flew to Quantum Physics telling us there is a Universal Mind where all information, every thought was stored, like one big library in the sky. The Hindus’ had called it the Akasha. Einstein had called the Mind of God.

Now scientists were calling it the Zero Point Field, a space of unlimited possibilities yet to be experienced.

But the divine in me had more to say:

Realize that Nola is a Divine Being, and that you can set the law in motion for someone but Nola’s evolution as an individual soul can only happen to the degree that Nola herself allows life to operate through her.

You must realize a certain truth for Nola within yourself. You must sow the seed of Nola being in perfect health and allow the Creative One Mind to produce the result of that thought. For Nola’s sake, it is time for you to start to believe in your own stuff—because you are going to need to use it, right now.

The Steps to Healing Nola

There was a movement of life inside of me for the first time in months. But Dr. Jayne, I need one of those coaching sessions you give others right now. I desperately needed to treat myself with the same loving kindness I usually gave to others. I needed to be reminded of the unqualified faith that my spiritual laws works for us as we work with them.

I opened my book. The page I opened to was where my Four Spiritual Laws were listed. The laws it seemed would give me the steps I needed to take.

Spiritual Law #One: Everything Begins with YOU!

First recognize your own perfection and power. I don’t know how many times I had said those exact words to someone else. Change yourself first. But what could I do?

Doubt can have no place in your mind, Jayne.

I can understand your feelings of Nola being “the poor little sick thing.” But this will not help your grandchild. It is the wrong use of thought. You must take the lead for her—show her that she is fine through your thoughts and feelings. You have written a lot about this….you know when someone believes in something very deeply, the law works to make it come true. You are a co-creator with the universe. Use your power.

So I am to believe that Nola is in perfect health right now? Even when I see her suffering and when the doctors have such dire predictions for her life?

One word answer from divine thought: Yes.

I get it! I could show her the way! I need to hold a place for her. My mind must have no thoughts of cancer being in Nola’s body.

I needed a vision of her in perfect health-I brought up a picture I had taken of her before her illness when she was in the park swinging. She had a look of joy on her face.

You are a part of that greater One Mind. You, yes, you Jayne, can call forth this Greater Mind into individual use. Other individual minds such as Jesus or Buddha but even what may seem to be other common men and women, they have used this Mind for great purpose. You can too.

There is no place in the universe but ourselves that can free us.

You must change your thought about Nola having a disease. Erase the belief from your own mentality and thereby project healing power into Nola’s body.

The Zero Point Field! I had written about it in my book I was now holding in my hands. Divine Intelligence. Science has shown there is a field of energy out there (and in me) which is unlimited in its possibilities. It acts like a reflection of all that is observed in our thoughts.

But in our time on earth, we are convinced we are helpless so we don’t use this innate Divine Intelligence because we have been told we are limited.

This message was forcing me to think independently of any existing conditions. I called it “internal locus of control” in my book. The ability to stay untouched by the outside world, in your own mindset of choice.

This Field of Energy had the power to heal Nola—if—if—I would activate it through my own thoughts and mental atmosphere.

Spiritual Law #2: As within; so without. Your thoughts create Jayne!

Every spiritual philosophy out there has told us we are divine, a part and a holographic piece of the omniscient and omnipotent divine. I had just written a white paper on the research. Science now is showing us we have divine qualities in us. Not two days before that horrible phone call, I had posted this research to my website!

There was actually proof of my second Spiritual Law from science research.

Spiritual Law #3: Buried Emotions Never Die!

This was going to be the hard part. I had so much fear built up over the last few months. I knew it would hold me back from creating health for Nola. Emotions are the building blocks of manifestation and they are the energy in motion for creating. If I was to pull this off, I must shift out of the fear. Whoa!! I was stumped on this part. It seemed impossible to not be afraid.

All of the sudden this verse from the Bible popped into my head: “Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, because thy rod and thy staff are with me.”

So, if God is everywhere and I am in this limitless field, then I had God on my side and together we could do anything. Together the Field and I could create anything. When united, we were limitless….

Jayne, take no responsibility of trying to make it work. Remember the “how” is up to God or the Field. You do not need to know “how” because the Law will work from its own energy.

Know beyond a shadow of a doubt there is a mind in the Universe which responds and corresponds to your mental state.

I knew the Mind of God was talking to me, my own Divine Intelligence was in there working hard to get my attention.

Spiritual Law #4: All is One.

Realizing there is only One Mind, you shall also realize seeing Nola healed and perfect is a direct statement of belief into the power of The Universal Mind. In the Field, anything is possible so Nola was already healed! My thinking would bring her into the real world due to my connection to God. Her health is an omnipresent reality and when the obstructions, or limiting beliefs that hinder healing are removed it will be found that health was there all the time.

So do not feel you must heal anyone, Jayne. Your only responsibility is to uncover the Truth.

If I could just muster up the feeling of gratitude, I would know I was united with God! I worked on achieving this feeling for months. This form of affirmative prayer became my mainstay for the next five months.

I met with my family and we decided that to pull this off we needed one belief we could all say in times of stress to get the fear to go away. The power of a group belief! Jessica, Nola’s mother designed the follow empowering belief for us:

Every day in every way Nola is Happy, Healthy and Strong.

I knew we had to combine that belief with the highest energy feeling. Gratitude was the perfect mindset for receivership. I prayed like I had never prayed before….always ending with a thank you.

Let go and know that you are complete in your treatment. This was the hard part, ….it seems so easy when telling others how it worked but just as soon as I had this “Knowing” that she was healed—I would face another moment of fear and anxiety. So I repeated the new belief for months, over and over again knowing it was my job to convince myself God’s power could come through me to heal Nola.

Until it happens, your work is to keep your mind knowing she is already healed. The last words the Divine Intelligence told me that day:

Place your hand in the outstretched hand of the Universe and walk unafraid through this trial with Nola.

Light Shining through the Darkness

It has now been 10 months since Nola was diagnosed with Cancer.

In the last scan, one of the two spots on Nola’s lungs had disappeared!

She no longer has to take 2 shots a day for the blockage is receding.

And best of all, Nola and her twin sister Poppy will be traveling to Disney World for 7 wonderful, carefree days this holiday season.

We are so grateful!! And, just like in life in general, our work is not over yet but we know Divine Intelligence is at work for us through all of us! We continue our affirmative prayers seeing Nola in perfect health!

I want to thank all the many thousands of friends and strangers who have believed for us when we faltered and continue to pray for our beloved Nola.

My special thanks for getting myself out of the way and using my own Divine Intelligence to create a way for us to change our beliefs systems. Those twenty years of work on The Divine Intelligence Process paid off in spades for me, when I needed it in my own life.

Thank you, Divine Intelligence, for staying in front of me where I couldn’t miss you!

Nola is healed!

And so it is!

P. S. I continue to believe human beings tend to live too far within self-imposed limitations. It is possible that these limits will recede when we respect the inner force, this Divine Intelligence of the human mind and body toward perfectibility.

The prospect of greater control over cancer via the mind is exciting. Research is beginning to show proof of the power of our mind to heal. The power of the mind can be mobilized to fight any disease including cancer. No longer can we say this is false hope or disregard the mind /body connection research. Science is now demonstrating the mind/body’s natural drive toward “perfectibility and regeneration.” We must activate our own Divine Intelligence and embrace our divinity.

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