The Difference Between Spirituality and Religion

One of the first questions people ask us when they come on our website: Is your institute based in a certain religion? The answer is no; we are not associated with any one religion but rather we honor and are unconditionally accepting of all paths to God. Spirituality, to us, is a way of life, a joyous celebration of everyone’s innate spiritual nature and power. What do we mean by “spiritual” and how do we combine spiritual with science?

The following chart helps you understand what we mean by spiritual in contrast to religious:


Our Beliefs about God

First, we believe everyone has the divine within them and it manifests itself in our uniqueness, our authenticity and our unlimited power to create. But most of us turn away from our innate divinity as we grow older and unconsciously create a Conditioned Self, a limited self- image to protect ourselves from our greatness and end up with average lives.

Secondly, “spiritual” coaching, means we are helping our clients unleash the divine within them, allowing their inner power to be restored so they can become the conscious creators of their own life. The unleashing of the Authentic Self (our original divinity) shows up in better health, happier relationships and more prosperity.

Third, our intention in creating our flagship spiritual process called The Divine Intelligence Process, is and always has been to reconnect you to your divine self. Students have reported deeply moving experiences resulting in awakening to the presence of this internal spirit. We are all one. Thus, uncovering the spirit within each of us holds forth the promise of an eternal life for us all.

Every step in The Divine Intelligence Process is based on neuroscience, how the brain changes, making our process science based. For example, our conditioned brains can be changed by releasing the old limiting beliefs which have wired our brains to mediocrity. Neuroscience also shows us that the brain is neuro-plastic, meaning any conditioning to the brain can always be changed or reversed, giving us the opportunity to return to our original divinity.

Our process activates a divine force within you, step by step, restoring its unlimited power.

Difference Between Spirituality and Religion

A religion is defined in Webster as: “The expression of man’s belief in and reverence for a superhuman power recognized as the creator and governor of the universe.” Usually a religion is the belief in a power outside yourself called God. Spirituality, in our use, defines a power within you.

Religions usually have a moral code listing rights and wrongs. Spirituality is living by the laws of the universe. It does not involve any moral codes of right or wrong nor a deity to worship but presents us with the facts of how life works. Living a spiritual life means checking out whatever happens to you within these laws. They will always give you the answers.

Our Divine Intelligence Process has four Spiritual Laws underpinning its work. For example, you cannot change someone else but you have great power to change yourself to solve a problem or challenge. Other laws we have are that whatever you think about comes about—the power of the mind to create. We think that buried emotions never die and we feel that we are all connected.

These laws are supported by sciences such as neuroscience and physics so that we can trust they are true to understand how the universe operates. 

Spiritual, to us, means studying the inside of you and how the laws of the universe affect you. Religion refers to a God that one worships outside of you. Neither one are right or wrong-just different. I think the distinction is worth noting because when we say our process is inclusive what we mean is that it is spiritual not necessarily religious. Your mindset works within you to change the outside. God may or may not be a part of that depending on your religion and your belief system.

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