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If not Religion, then what?

If not Religion, then what? So many of my clients and friends are disconnecting from mainstream religion, feeling it is no longer living out its original intention. Since one in every five people in the United States say they are not religious, then what are they? When the conversation turns to: “So, what faith are…

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Top Ten Ways to Keep a Relationship Sexy

We have all been there—at the beginning of a romantic relationship—where we are no longer within the bounds of earthly limits.  Love is one of the strongest energies on earth. We are drawn to certain people like a moth to the light—and just as unconsciously as a moth too.  We think we know why-because they…

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Spirituality in Business

Hi everyone, I read the following article, written by Jane Fuller, on spirituality and business and would love to know your response…. I am always interested in businesses who want to use my spiritual process for development of their people; therefore it is good to hear the power of spiritual advancement is getting out there……

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