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Quantum Physics

We are all One Mind. Science tells us we are all so connected that we represent one great big mind out there. Einstein called this collective consciousness the mind of the Divine.   It would be a mistake to suppose that we create all by ourselves as we are an indivisible part of this great unlimited…

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A Meditation for Installing a New Empowering Belief

Dear Divine Intelligence participant, First, thanks for your warm responses to our newsletter. I have created a meditation I think you are really going to like.  All you need is one positive belief you really wish were true about yourself to use this meditation to its optimum.  Of course you will enjoy without a new…

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Women in the Business World

I was wondering what to say on International Women’s Day………. then I received this video from my daughter who is the General Counsel at Gates International, in Denver.  Watch this and see me smiling. Love, Dr. Jayne  

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