Cool Your Jets: Save the Planet from Burning Up!

Some 10 years ago, we could pretend our environmental crisis was not an urgent matter and push it off on to our grandchildren’s “to do” list.  Now, not so much.  In the last few months, scientists have issued a terminal diagnosis for our precious earth.  They tell us the planet has twelve more years to change its lifestyle or certain death is imminent. But how do we put out a fire this big?

Can we just stand by and watch while something we love (and depend on for survival) gasps for air and eventually takes its last breath…on our watch? It is no longer enough to just “know” about this problem.  Now is the time in our history to know the “how” to fix it.   “How” can we stop the earth from burning up?

An Outlandish Suggestion

Have you also noticed (and it is hard not to) that our anger level as human beings is rising to commiserate with the heat of our planet? Shootings are everyday news now. Mass murders are no longer an anomaly.  Wars and Walls seem to be amassing amongst us daily. If someone from outer space were to listen in to the evening news reports, they would inevitably depict our civilization as a violent spinning ball of emotional heat picking up energy every second.

We can say the solution is to create laws for tighter gun control or to shore up our mental health programs; however, these solutions leave me feeling helpless. Is there anything we can do today right now to keep our earth from burning up right in front of our eyes?

 “How” Can We Lower the Temperature of the Earth?

Well, I guess you see where I am going with this.  Don’t stop reading before you read the 3 steps to a cooler planet.  If you can pause and take a moment, I will explain what I mean below.  If not and you don’t have the time today, skip to the bottom and read the three ways you can help out.

Here is one “how”. My hypothesis is:  What if we are raging at about the same rate the core of our planet is burning up?   I believe we are creating this hell on earth and that we are thinking and feeling it into existence. Our rage and our environmental heat are related. Everyday anger is boiling up inside of us and it is reflected out as literally a red hot physical environment. To put out a blaze this big will require more than a big splash of cold water.

Can we solve the environmental crisis by lowering our own temperature?

If you can “go with me” on this crazy hypothesis – that we are creating the environmental crisis ourselves, then the good news is that we can do something about it; that is, we can stop the rage boiling up in the heart of our fellow human beings.  Well, maybe even our own emotions need to be put on simmer at times. If my hypothesis has a chance in hell (no pun intended) of saving us, then let me explain further what I have in mind for us to do.

Science gives us the Answer

Given that science speaks louder to us than spirit at times, let me give you some scientific facts to explore a solution. Science helps ground me when I am getting too far out there into woo-woo land.

I know you are thinking which came first, right? Did our raging anger create this environmental heat or did the heat cause our tempers to flare?  Quantum physics suggest that thought creates.  Physicists show us that tiny particles that make up atoms respond to the observer’s mind.  Mind has a direct effect on matter; in fact, mind actually creates matter.  The bad news: the cause lands squarely on our shoulders!

The good news: the act of putting the solution right back on us gives us more control to change it. If we made this happen, we can make it go away. If we turn down the thermostat of our anger, we can be in control of the future of our environment. Could our pausing and counting to ten before we rage out of control give us climate control? Wiser people than me for thousands of years have told us that the only thing we can control is ourselves.

A Spiritual Tipping Point

Returning to a scientific answer, how many people would have to change their temperament before we could see the earth cooling down?  Science has proven that if you can shift the consciousness of 15% of a group of people, then the other 85% will eventually follow.  We only need 15% of  7.7 billion people to make a commitment to lower their emotional set point to get some momentum going.  The way I see it, we have 12 years to reach that spiritual tipping point.  The solution seems obvious: change the molecular structure of the brains (hearts?) of 15% or our population to be more peaceful, calmer, and loving, and we will automatically change the molecular structure of our planet to be cooler also.

Emotions are stronger than thoughts

Our brain according to neuroscience is run by our emotions and neuroscience shows us that emotions are contagious and impact other people.  Emotions trump thoughts and are a stronger source of energy than thoughts. The electromagnetic field of your heart is 5,000 times the strength of the brain. Although they are both creative, our thoughts create the mold through which our emotional energy flows to become matter.  And then our emotions are the energy that flows through that mold to create our world.  When our emotions are negative, we create the chaos and disorder evident today and no matter how positive our thoughts, emotions rule. When our brains are calmer and less reactive, our world matches this cool as a cucumber feeling and the heat is off taking the pressure off and allowing our thinking brain to lead. It may be simpler than we think (even if not easy).  Cool down our emotional set points and turn down the environmental rising heat.

But what can YOU do? Three Steps to a “Cooler” You
  1. Count 10 “gratitudes” before you go to bed at night so you sleep in peace. Learn to catch yourself in a negative emotion and shift to gratitude. This is a trick of mine. I can switch the light of thankfulness on real quick when I examine my own life compared to 99.9% of the world. I can also sit in my own frustration at times not knowing I am fuming inside. So “catching” myself has become a way of stopping my anger and turning to a higher point of view. Trick: I have asked my husband to call me on it. I know it was a really risky venture but so far it has worked.
  2. You go high when they go low.”  Says Michelle Obama.  When the people you love disappoint you or you think about the people “out there” who are making you mad, go high by thinking yourself into a positive emotional set point.  Be proud of yourself that you are able to not let others influence your ESP. A good way to cool ourselves and our brains down.
  3. Create a “structure” that will work for you to remind yourself to think higher thoughts.  My father used to use post-it notes on the mirror where he was shaving saying things to himself  like:  “Be kind today, Ken”  “Remember love is stronger than hate.”  “Do one nice thing for someone else today.”  Lots of wisdom in this! Find a new app for this or remind yourself on your phone!

Right now in this moment, take a deep breath.   Pull in some calm cool thoughts and feelings. Settle yourself down.  Allow the love of the divine to flow through you. You have all you need in this moment to create a beautiful life for yourself!  And by just taking this moment to pause and reset your emotional set point, you are sending out a different more powerful vibration, which in the long run will reverberate out into our oceans to calm the raging storms, will blow a calming wind through our wheat fields, will cool and clean our lakes and streams resetting the temperature of our planet thus restoring peace and order to our world.

If you want to know the “how” of changing your brain to a cooler setting, visit my website,  – My process, The Divine Intelligence Process is a 10-week course to change your ESP to a positive score so you become more calm, cool and collected.

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I am starting the count down to the 15% right now!

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