Five Steps to Perfect Health

Disease without thought cannot manifest.”
Ernest Holmes
I wanted to throw Science of the Mind across the room to make it stop staring up at me. The book seemed to have eyes on its cover, like the Mona Lisa following my every turn.

“Go away!” I urged.  “I know you are well-meaning, but this is not the time.” But, as it turned out, it was the perfect time to hear from Dr. Ernest Holmes.

The Best Day of My Life
Grandparenthood had come late in life for me.   But when it came, the sonogram radiated two magnificent specks of white light!  Twins!

In the birthing room when the girls’ names were announced to the world, one of those swaddled bundles would be named after her grandmother!  It was one of the best moments in my life!

The Worst Day of My Life
I still remember where I was sitting, what I was wearing, and how the sunlight beamed in from a high, living room window when I heard my daughter’s frantic voice on the phone.  My mother’s instinct intuited something was terribly wrong.

A mass had been discovered in my 2-year-old granddaughter’s stomach.  Eventually, they put the ugliest of names on it. Cancer.  Stage 4 sarcoma which had spread to her other organs. They told us they didn’t want to give us false hope.

The light within me was eclipsed by the darkness of fear and sadness.
I cried relentlessly in solitude, yet my tears melded in communion with those of millions of other grandparents and parents who have watched their children suffer and prayed to bear that suffering instead.

Ernest Holmes Reaches out to Me
I wished I could go back in time to thinking of God as a father above to whom I could plead for mercy.  However, my view of God had evolved since then, as I share in my book, Divine Intelligence. I know God now to be a presence within myself, rather than an all-powerful man in the sky. Because God is in me, it was up to me to connect with this force within.

“OK Ernest, I’m listening. If this were me with cancer, I know I could use your teachings and think myself into health.  But Nola is two years old.  How could I ever impact her thinking?”

With a sigh, I slowly lifted his book off my bookshelf and held it in my hands, already feeling somewhat comforted by its familiar weight. The book was no longer staring at me; it was reaching out to me. Ernest Holmes began to talk to me, and I was now ready to listen.

The Perfect Nola Emerges
Jayne, I speak to you from that mind of infinite divine intelligence where you and I and Nola all exist in the Universal One Mind. The One Mind always accepts our thoughts and acts upon them. Always.  Disease without thought could never manifest.

When I opened the book, its spine relaxed, and its dog-eared pages fell effortlessly to the words I knew were there but had been avoiding – the five steps to perfect health.  I heard Ernest’s voice again, loud and clear.

Step 1: Recognition
First, recognize Nola is in perfect health. Doubt can have no place in your mind, Jayne. I can understand your feelings of “the poor little sick thing,” but those feelings will not help your grandchild. It is the wrong use of thought. 

To help Nola, you must realize a certain truth for her within yourself.   You must realize this child is perfect, not needing to be healed of anything.

I get it! I could show her the way!  My mind must have no thoughts of cancer existing within Nola’s body. I must see her in perfect health!

Step 2:  Unification
Ernest continued: You, yes, you Jayne, can call forth this Greater Mind into individual use.   Individual minds such as Jesus and Buddha have used this Mind for great purpose.  You can too. 

Science now validates Holmes’s theories through research in Quantum Physics, which proves the Universe is a hologram; every part contains the information and energy of the whole. I was to the Universe like an acorn from an oak tree, containing within me all the energy and information in the Universe.

Now, I had to convince myself of this truth.

Step 3: Realization
I knew that emotions were the energy behind thought.  To create, I needed to combine a clear intention with an elevated emotion.

My clear intention was Nola in perfect health. My elevated emotion was gratitude for her perfect health.

I worked in meditation for days, weeks and months. I would not leave my morning meditation until I “felt” Nola was in perfect health.  This form of affirmative prayer Holmes taught became my mainstay to chant whenever I was in doubt, worried or fearful.  Nola is in perfect health.  I am grateful.  

I ultimately engaged more than 30 meditators to help me.  From 6:00 am to 6:00 pm every day, we all saw Nola in perfect health.  When fear enveloped me, they held the belief for me. When I couldn’t see Nola in perfection, I tricked my brain by feeling gratitude for these meditators.

Step 4:  Thanksgiving
Gratitude is the perfect mindset for receivership.  I prayed like I had never prayed before, but now it was a different kind of prayer. I replaced my fear with gratitude:  Nola is here!

“This is the hard part, Ernest….it seems so easy when you talk about it in your book, but just as soon as I had this Knowing that she was healed, I faced another moment of fear and anxiety.”  

I repeated the steps over and over again, knowing it was my job to recognize the fear and shift to gratitude. Fear was my biggest enemy.

I kept a running conversation with Ernest, calling on him when I was doubtful.

Step 5:  Release
Jayne, finish your treatment with a realization your work is done, complete, and perfect.  Place your hand in the outstretched hand of the Universe and walk unafraid through this trial with Nola.

Holmes believed our life force, when combined with the life force of the Universe, may be the least understood but most powerful force on Earth and teaches us how to harness it to heal ourselves and others. He believed human beings tend to live too far within self-imposed limitations. These limits will recede when we respect the inner force of the human spirit.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,” I told Ernest, “ for speaking up, catching my attention, and allowing me to feel I am one with God.”

Nola is now three years old, and the doctors tell us she is cancer-free!

The power of the mind can be mobilized to fight any disease—including cancer. Nola’s journey illuminates this spiritual reality, and my inner light shines more brilliantly with the knowledge that every challenge in life is an opportunity for spiritual growth.

Nola has demonstrated the power and truth of the spiritual world over the material world that I may now show you. Anything is possible when you remove self-imposed limitations.

And so it is!

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