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Healing Ceremony for Nola

I know all of you care so much about me and my granddaughter Nola and her sister Poppy. I am asking for your prayers and participation in this healing. Laura Hernandez has prepared a healing ceremony for Nola on Tuesday night at 7:00 pm Central time. I am so grateful to have a community like…

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Dr. Jayne’s opening speech at CSLDallas

Dr. Jayne shared the platform with Rev Karen Fry at Center for Spiritual Living, Dallas.  They recorded it and she thought you might like to listen to it, in short pieces, so she had her videographer break it into 5 separate videos.  Today you may listen to her opening remarks about her personal story.

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Participate in Dr. Jayne’s research project!

“People who have a calmer and quieter Limbic System and a more efficient Neocortex tends to result in people who are happy, productive, and fulfilled” Dr. Jayne Gardner Be one of the 6.7 million people uplifting the Universal Mindset by participating in Dr. Jayne’s research project! We are searching for 10 good men and women in…

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