Participate in Dr. Jayne’s research project!

“People who have a calmer and quieter Limbic System
and a more efficient Neocortex tends 
to result in people who are
happy, productive, and fulfilled”

Dr. Jayne Gardner

Be one of the 6.7 million people uplifting the Universal Mindset by participating in Dr. Jayne’s research project!

We are searching for 10 good men and women in the Dallas area who want to change something in their lives and who are willing to invest the time, money and service to take a Pre-qEEG and a Post-qEEG in order to substantiate an actual brain shift.   In this project, The B.E.T. Center and Divine Intelligence Institute are partnering to review brainwave pattern changes after you have completed Dr. Gardner’s 10-week coaching process called The Divine Intelligence Process (The DI Process).  The overall goal of the program is to improve neurological flexibility through the program and then to quantify brain changes. The brain is supposed to shift easily between states, from sleep, to relaxation, to calm alert, to high alert when needed.  So, after the program, the goal is for you to shift states on your own, and to be better able to self-regulate your emotions.

How do I take part?  Contact Dr. Jayne Gardner indicating you are willing to enroll in her 10-week webinar delivered process, The Divine Intelligence Process. Contact Dr. Gardner at or call leave a message at 469 519 2727 if you are interested.

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