Dr. Jayne – Do Groups Work?

As most of you know I have been doing webinars for the past 2 years taking groups of 8-10 people through The Divine Intelligence Process in a 10-week format.  As I saw the huge success being in a group made to the participants’ outcomes, I bravely decided to do a live group of over 50 people—all coming together live in a meeting room and taking it at the same time.

Wow! Was I blown away by the results.  One of the participants was a filmmaker who interviewed me afterward as to my opinion of delivering The Process to a large number of people at the same time.
The live coaching was probably the most impacting to the audience. Please watch that interview.
If you are a member of a group in the DFW area who you know would want to go through The Divine Intelligence Process together, please contact me.

Here is that interview for you to watch.

Dr. Jayne

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