Message to Nola Supporters

I wanted to report in on Nola and her progress.  (or as it turns out this report is about my progress.)  It will be good for me to write this out so please indulge me.  First of all, we had a beautiful healing ceremony with Laura Hernandez and Dr. Joe Dispenza last Tuesday evening.  I want to extend my thanks to Laura for setting this up and suggesting it and then to Dr. Dispenza’s work in energy health.

Last time around, during Nola’s health challenge, I started a Facebook special group called The Nola Project.

This time for me it was hard to reach out to all of you – harder to acknowledge we are still facing Nola’s cancer challenge.  I am trying to figure out why it was different this time. It was harder to get the momentum going for me–even though many of you rebounded and jumped in immediately lending spiritual help! Have I told you how grateful I am? It was Terri Lobianco, one of our newly credentialed Divine Intelligence Coaches who told me this might be about “my” work.  It was Barb Stewart that finally pushed me enough to start The Nola Project on Facebook up again (please join me on this Facebook project—join The Nola Project).  So, I began thinking… why did I not jump back into this earlier?

I KNOW it was what turned around and halted the disease for her last time. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this last time–our meditations and the wealth of people who began to see her healthy and well and happy –I know it sent a powerful message, an image of health and happiness in Nola, to the universe. Because of the way I know the universe works—I know the universe just mirrors back our intentions and thus, gave us back the healthy Nola who was there all along.

I must admit–I felt like it was “done” –that she was healed and I lived the next 20 months happy, carefree and secure in the knowledge that a group of people like us could change the world–that people could be healed remotely by messages and focuses of light toward an intention.

Well, I still believe this! But there is a caveat now….

I guess I get it now on a deeper level –it is a timeless thing. It is beyond time and space–and so I must keep fueling it with my consistent thoughts and focus and love. Now I must be channeling all of you right now–because I just burst into tears with an insight. The Nola Project is really about me (the Dr. Jayne Project?) as it is about Nola. This kind of work is like our inner work, it is never “finished”–(Darn it, I tell people that every day!!!).  So, to think it is finished and let it go, is like thinking our own spiritual growth can stop and we can just coast along not feeding it daily with our love and light.  Well, I will cut myself some slack and say now I had a much-needed rest for these 20 months.   But maybe it was not as beautiful a 20 months as if I had continued to be conscious of the power I have to hold the preciousness and the beauty of life in my hands.  In my fatigue and stress, my hands dropped holding this light for a few months.

Now I know they must stay in place—-keeping it alive within me–that light for Nola and, indeed, for me. As I am writing to you, I felt my light growing brighter, right now.  I know this powerful light within me is worth keeping alive. I know it is worth the time and attention and notice.  I know it is worth staying alive and conscious every moment of each of my days. And then while I was writing this, Laura Hernandez sent me a message saying we can hold this light without struggle!

It is this reflection of my light that ultimately shows up in my loved ones. The tears are about the intense joy, the realization that I can hold the light for myself, and as a result it benefits Nola and us all.

My dear friends, all you light workers out there, as I move forward with my own spiritual work, I challenge all of us to see that 8:00 morning time in our days as a reminder of stoking up that light within us and knowing that we have power–unlimited power in our own lives……and that the growth of our inner light–will in the long run benefit Nola, yes.  But it will also eventually brighten up everyone around us…indeed perhaps the whole world.

Let’s show up every morning at 8:00am!!

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