Having the relationships you want by being present to the relationship successes You already have….

Happy New Year everyone!

My intention this year is to focus on my relationships.  At first, I thought about how I could improve each one of my closest relationships but then I felt a good beginning was to start noticing good times in my relationships…in the present moment. In the picture below, you will see such a moment for us on Christmas Eve when we were all cuddled up on Jamey’s sofa in Denver.  I was chosen to be the one to read “The Night Before Christmas”, one of our favorite Christmas rituals.   Just yesterday, a more ordinary moment when Dave  suggested we stop work early in time to watch a  favorite Netflix series.  Suddenly, I turned from trying to get more done and relaxed into just being more…..As you can see, I am training myself to catch such small moments of everyday love and capitalize on the increase in my Emotional Set Point.


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