Activate Your Divine Intelligence

Our Thoughts activate it

We think between 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day—and most of them (90%) are unconscious. Given only 10% are active, we have at least 6-7  thousand opportunities each day to tap into our Individual Divine Intelligence with our thoughts.  Learning how to manage those many thousands of thoughts every day becomes the goal to steer your Divine Intelligence in a conscious way toward what you want.

Our thoughts are the background to our feelings.  If you figure out what your thoughts are, then you can change your feelings.

For example, I want to change my feelings of envy of a friend to admiration of what they have done to create what looks like such a perfect life.   How do I change from envy into admiration?

By changing my limiting thought of:  I cannot create what I really want my life to be like.

To an unlimiting thought like:  I am free to create the life I want.

Focusing our thoughts channels our Divine Intelligence into a laser-like energy where we can aim it at the goal we desire.

4  Actions to Harness your Divine Intelligence

  1. Focus: Begin by emptying out all the resentment, anger or grudges and any other negative emotions on the inside of you. Neuroscientists tell us that emotions trump thoughts in our brain and keep us from having the power to focus our thoughts at will. They take away our ability to get to the divine.
  2. Clarify: Adopt a daily habit to notice what you are thinking. Journaling, meditation, or yoga all help you relax your mind and relieve it of distracting thought and enlighten you to more positive thinking.
  3. Channel: Know your intentions. Decide on what you most want and focus your thoughts on that vision. Be clear and specific with details but remember your job is not the how it happens but just the getting clear on the what you want. Make sure it is really what YOU want because our Divine Intelligence can decipher between what we think we want from what we really want.
  4. Activate: Use your emotions. Emotions play a powerful part in the activation of your Divine Intelligence. When you focus your thoughts on what you want and feel passionate about that vision, the more your Divine Intelligence knows what you want and will provide it. Passion plus purpose activates your innate intelligence.

Once you have begun to uncover your thoughts and feelings, you begin to be the engineer of your own life.  When you take the steering wheel in your own hands, the universe reaches up to support you with more power and energy than you ever dreamed possible.  But first, you must channel your own power, not wait on the universe to serve or save you.

Think of life like going to a cafeteria and picking out exactly what you want, rather than waiting on the waiter to bring it to you.  You have to get up and get it for yourself.

The Universal  Divine Intelligence is just waiting on your command to go into action to fulfill your most passionate desires.

Focus. Clarify. Channel. Activate.

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