The Highest Benefit of My Process

People ask me what is the purpose of your Divine Intelligence Process? I answer them with what I had hoped to accomplish when I took my own process, now nearly 20 years ago.  I knew exactly in my head the mindset I wanted!  I wanted to be able to hold my own in a storm.

Psychologists call it Internal Locus of Control. Also called, Internal Focus, or source, it refers to the extent to which individuals believe that they can control their reactions to troublesome events in life.   Or as my Pilates coach says:  “Stay connected to your core, Jayne!” Yoga calls it the connection to the one mind.  It is one of spiritual writer, Don Miquel Ruiz’s, Four Agreements to not take life so personally. Rumi, the 17th-century poet says it is our freedom:  “The world is a prison and we are the prisoners:  Dig a hole in the prison wall and let yourself out.”

To be truthful I have been working on digging my way out for the 20 years since I took the Divine Intelligence Process, myself and I still have my moments of being off-center –where my early conditioning pulls me into someone else’s business and I get disconnected from my real self.

However, I have one Positive Anchor that pulls me back immediately and I want to share this with you.  It is an example of being Internally Referenced –in your heart.

My granddaughter is four years old and already has it down to a tee.  When she was two years old, she was diagnosed with a cancer so serious they told us she would not live but a few months.  In the past two years, she has beat those odds again and again. She has gone through more chemotherapy treatments than I can count including one round of radiation, along with hundreds of doctor and hospital visits involving some very painful interventions. I have watched her in her off weeks of treatment get happy for a few days only to be tortured again the next week with rounds of treatments.  She is so resilient, she comes back with happiness every time, but since a picture is worth a thousand words, let me give you a mental picture.

In her scan one week (she has a scan every 6 weeks now that she is healed so that the doctors can see that she is healed. I already know she is in perfect health, but the doctors need more reassurance than I do).  On this scan, they used to have to sedate her as the sound scared her so badly—she calls it going inside the washing machine.   She has to drink what she says is a horrible tasting oral contrast medication first.  Then she lays down and the tube pulls her in and out a couple of times before letting her stay in for several long minutes.

But lately, she needs no sedation and faces it with:  “I am brave now that I am 4, Gramma.” This latest time she had just seen the musical:  The Greatest Showman and had memorized all the songs in that musical, including  A Million Dreams.  Well here is the picture. See her enduring the full body scan in a tube with that horrible harsh sound you have with this procedure—watch her put on her headset and not only listen to the song but hear her sing it! A Million Dreams. I can hear her small little voice singing away while, for all she knows, all sorts of danger is lurking outside.

Well, I want what Nola has…

I think she perfectly describes what I want—and what I will probably be working on for the next 20 years!  I know I will most likely work on this as a goal for the rest of my life—to go singing along in life, no matter what is going on the outside of me!

But thank you universe for giving me the biggest challenge for practice to attain that goal –a granddaughter, who by the way is named after me—and who had cancer.  To know no fear, that is the goal—to know only love.

What are you facing today?  I hope this gives you the inspiration to put on your headset and sing away!

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