The Spiritual Tipping Point

Could you and I impact the Global Mindset and Reduce Violence?

The Spiritual Tipping Point


In this self- help land of opportunity, we have accepted the idea that what we think about comes about.  But have we thought about the idea of putting our heads together to solve the crime and violence issues so predominant today?

The question we ask ourselves at The Divine Intelligence Institute is:  If we adopted a more peaceful mindset, could our mindset impact other minds? 

Let’s look to the spiritual laws of the universe for help.  In physics, the orderly alignment of a small number of electrons in a magnet is enough to maintain the strength of the whole magnet.   In biology, the orderly functioning of part of the cellular material is more than enough to ensure the successful functioning of the entire cell.  In social systems, a highly ordered portion of the society at large keeps the rest of the system in order.

Research studies conducted by Dr. David Hawkins show that the actual number of people needed to shift the collective consciousness of the world is 15%.  When only 15% of the population practices a calm mind, the whole population suddenly begins to measurably increase it’s calmness, orderliness, and productivity.   One in fifteen?   Could so few make a difference?

An experiment to illustrate this was conducted in a small European village during WWII.  A small number of meditators  (15% of the population of the village) volunteered to take turns being in a calm, peaceful mindset during each hour of the day and night.  They shifted out of the predominant fear of the hearts of the town’s people about the possibility of being bombed or attacked.  During this time during the war, the town always had a certain number of meditators  (15%) focusing their minds on peace.  As it turns out, they were one of the few towns not touched or destroyed during the war.

Coincidence you might say?

In another similar research experiment, 15% of the population in Washington D. C. were trained to be in a calmer mindset for a month and as a result, the crime rate went down significantly.

Feelings, not just thoughts are contagious too! The Harvard Business Review conducted a study in 2011 concluding the effects of mindset on others.  It found that the mindset of “the boss”  or CEO of a corporation is mirrored throughout the company in like-minded employees.  If the boss walks into a Monday morning meeting in a bad mood, everyone in the meeting knows it within a few seconds of his beginning words and instantly adjusts their own mood to match his or hers. Research also shows that teachers’ mindset are duplicated in their classroom just as a parent’s mindset is mirrored in their own children.

Research is out there to prove scientifically that by changing the mindset of just a few people, the mindset of others changes also.

So if this is the case, why are we ignoring such scientific proof that use of such powerful techniques brings our anger and crime rate down? Especially right now!

Using these and similar research studies I think we can conclude:  If a small group of people, like us, change their mindset to become more calm and peaceful, by the time the effect reaches others it will have a positive impact on the mindsets of others.   We can change others by changing ourselves!

What is the Divine Intelligence Process and how can it help turn our current mindset of fear, uncertainly, and anger into more peace, harmony, and love?

The Divine Intelligence Process (the DI Process) is a neuroscience research-based process for rewiring the brain so one can live a stress-free life. According to the reports of our clients, a person’s negative emotional reaction time and intensity goes down once they have completed the program.  For example, if a person was a screamer at their children, they would find they could now talk calmly when they discipline their children.  Or a boss will find she can regain her stability after a company crisis in a much shorter amount of time.  Somewhat like when you exercise and do cardio work, you find that your heart recovery rate is faster after working out for several weeks.

Now here is a question for you:  Want to be one of the 15% to change the world?

In every person’s life, a point of awakening occurs.  How does this show up, this point of awakening?  It usually arrives as a crisis or even a tragedy—the Chinese have a way to illustrate –the character in their alphabet that stands for crisis also stands for opportunity. Something happens to wake us up and cause us to realize there is more going on in our lives than just an ordinary existence.   These crises may actually be opportunities to grow, change, and evolve to a higher level of living—a higher mindset.  At The Divine Intelligence Institute—we suggest that a crisis is an Invitation—like your soul’s appointment with destiny.

However, we ask, why wait for that crisis to occur in your life? Why not wake up now, and accept our invitation to create a better life for yourself and others?

Our last question to you:  Will you join us in making the world a more peaceful place?

Right now over 4,000 people are out there who have experienced this process and are consistently aware of their mindset and have the skills to turn it into a more peaceful one on a moment’s notice.  We need around 496 million more of you.

When enough of us learn how to sustain a peaceful mindset, just as kindling wood slowly smolders into a bigger fire, we will set the world on fire because of our passion and power.

I invite you to join us in finding this peace within you.

Will you accept our invitation and join us at the The Divine Intelligence Institute and sign up to take this revolutionary process?

There are three ways you can join us:

  1. Join our consciousness-raising journey by experiencing The DI Process in a group format. You may sign up HERE.
  2. If you are interested but not yet sure this process is for you, find out more by reading Dr. Gardner’s book called Divine Intelligence. In this book, Dr. Gardner lets you peek inside her coaching sessions and see how the process really works in the life of a real-life client.
  3. Contact us HERE to learn more.

Our mission is to make sure everyone has been given the opportunity. Together we believe a small group of us can hit the Spiritual Tipping Point and turn the world consciousness over to the side of peace! 

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