Too Big for my Britches

Who Do I Think I Am?

Tomorrow, Nola faces her second surgery to remove a spot on her lung.

How many of you feel free of the fate of cancer?

I know I have freedom (defined as the quality of being independent of fate) over the outside world. There is a latent energy in me as powerful as Christ’s to heal the sick.   Christ Mind.  It is in all of us, however, it usually takes a really big challenge or even a crisis before we claim our inherent power.

How can I “know”? At the risk of being called too big for my britches, I know who I am!  I am a powerful life force in this universe!

I am claiming this power! A granddaughter diagnosed with cancer is a dark scary bottomless pit to look over the edge into.  But I refuse to fall into that bottomless black hole.

The light emerged in me when I knew I could be a part of the healing process.

It is not about me healing her but it is about me allowing and acknowledging the Divine Intelligence in both of us to overcome any adversity –out there.

Science now shows that that Divine Intelligence contacts and communicates with itself so Nola and I, our energies are always talking to each other.

When I talk to Nola, I tell her:  We know you can do it, Nola.  Your Grandfather and I have been seeing you free ever since you were born. Think perfect health Nola and we will use our power to heal you.

Cancer be gone. I am some part of this creative order and intelligence out there and I should make use of my power. Cancer only has power if we let it bully us into thinking it is bigger than us.

It is not easy to turn away from my fears of cancer and know that it does not exist when I feel so deeply an experience in the moment. But I know The Field only gives us sick when we think we are sick.

So who do I think I am?  I know I am a powerful life force in this universe and free to direct my thoughts in the direction of perfect health for Nola.

But do you know what is even more powerful?  When a group of people combine their thoughts and focused perfect health for Nola into the Field at the same time.  And of course, the more people who focus their innate energy, or their Divine Intelligence, on something at the same time, the more powerful the message to The Field.

So many of you have been sending that message out there! I am facing tomorrow with positive thoughts.

Would you take just a moment, and once again, direct some of your powerful energy toward seeing Nola free of cancer?

Let’s own our greatness together and turn away from fate and create a powerful future for Nola– and for ourselves.

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