What is Divine Intelligence and How do we use it?

Literally translated, the two words divine and intelligence mean infinite knowledge. There are two kinds of Divine Intelligence:  (1) the latent unlimited potential in you and (2) the latent unlimited potential out in the Field all around you.

We access the universal intelligence, The Field in a conscious way through the development of our individual divinity.  It is waiting for us like one big infinite library of wisdom ready to be checked out and used by us.

What does science call Divine Intelligence?

In this past century, the scientific world has started to explore what is inside of us, not just focusing on the laws of nature on the outside. In other words, they started exploring our inner world as well as the outer world. What quantum scientists tell us exists inside each of us, and all other matter is pure energy in the form of atoms, molecules, or quanta spinning around in a well- designed and ordered manner.

And then they discovered that all of this energy inside of us and all matter itself spins around in an ocean of energy they call The Zero Point Field (I just shortened it to The Field), where an infinite amount of energy exists.

This is where our Individual Divine Intelligence comes in—our thoughts and feelings influence Zero Point Field of infinite energy, taking energy from thought to matter.

What does the Universal Divine Intelligence look like? (Hint: The Field)

The intelligence you observe in seeing a flock of geese moving together in perfect synchronicity is The Field as is a school of fish all breaking at the same time in the same direction. It is like there is a field of intelligence everywhere all at once operating without us even noticing it.   This is the Universal Divine Intelligence at work.

The Field is also the energy of the waves crashing on the beach,  the red-orange of a sunrise,   the way a baby laughs for no reason.


How do we recognize our Individual Divine Intelligence?

Walk with me through an experience of what your own Divine Intelligence feels like… inside of you.

Hold your hand over your heart for a minute and feel the thump, thump of the most powerful organ in your body beating without your conscious effort.  Notice the air coming in and out of your nose. You can depend on your lungs to bring you the life-supporting air and you don’t have to tell your lungs anything.  Your cells repair your body with no instructions from you.

So what or who inside of us runs this magnificent body of ours without us lifting a hand or giving it a conscious thought? Divine Intelligence is so innate it flows freely through us like a river cutting through a pasture moving toward its source.

Can we consciously channel it for our own desires?

Science has proven this energy exists both in us and around us.  What is even more exciting is this energy is at our disposal to use as we wish.

The energy, this innate intelligence is always at work for us, but we don’t always know how to get it to work for us. Most of the time, we aren’t even conscious of its existence.

Since we have the ability to use this intelligence to craft the exact life we desire, then how could we gather up some of this intelligence and mold it like clay in our hands to create new lives for ourselves?

Becoming Aware

The one thing that separates us as different is our view of the world.  Your own opinion is what your Divine Intelligence looks like your opinions, your ideas, your thinking out of the box. This authentic expression is the way you were in the beginning untouched by the influence of the world, just ready to be you.

It is that sometimes fleeting feeling of being free—like when we take our granddaughter to the park, she wants to run as far as she can, and she sees no boundaries until we chase after her and stop her.   Do you remember running out into a “field” and not seeing the edge of it? The space is so big you could run forever! There!  That feeling is your Divine Intelligence at work! You may have to go back a few years.

The second way you can become aware of the energy of your Individual Divine Intelligence is by recognizing your feelings as you go through each day. In order to do this, you need to live in the present moment becoming the observer of your emotions.

Your feelings are the indicators of who you are and they are the signposts leading you to your use of your Divine Intelligence. They are pure energy so notice them and decide if hate or love is what you want to send out into the Field.

Feelings are the energy activating  The Field.  Remember the universal divine intelligence has no judgments—it will give you whatever you ask for –or whatever you feel for. The more intense your feelings, the quicker the Field will activate around them.

If you are not getting what you want in life, examine what you are feeling most of the day…..the Field does and gives it right back to you in the form of a wonderful vacation, or an unpleasant incident, a gift of money, or an argument with a friend. It is all decided by you.

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