Business asks: How can I, as a business owner, use spirituality to grow my business?

Grow You. Grow Your Business.

But, I have been asked,  “What does “grow you” even mean?”  Growing yourself is about spirituality-the inner spirit part of you, the part you cannot see.  You can see your physical body but you cannot see your spiritual self.

Spirituality means learning more about a deeper you:  your strengths; your weaknesses; your values; and even your belief system. Entrepreneurs come to me in especially trying times looking for new ideas on how to grow their business. Growing yourself grows your bottom line.

Until you know who you are, it is hard to attract customers, engage employees, as well as be creative in problem-solving.  Why?  Because until you really get “you”, it is hard to be authentic and customers, employees, and especially your closest relationships can spot a fake an inch away.

I propose that spiritual principles are in effect here in our world and until you understand how they really work, you will be growing your business in the old-fashioned way.  Are you tired yet?  Are you out of time yet?  Are you spreading yourself a little thin? Need another way to make more money?

I knew you needed it! So, I created a blueprint, a step by step process, for defining authentically, who you are.  You may think you already know yourself; however, what business owners who have taken The Divine Intelligence Process would tell you is that your real self has been buried underneath a lot of conditioning.  And uncovering the real you increases your energy level.  And energy is what the universe is made of.

Scientific research about energy validates the spiritual principles involved in my process and will connect the dots for you.  Increasing your energy level gives you more ability to create. (If you want to read more about each scientific research study I use to validate each step, get my book, Divine Intelligence.)

Quantum Physics is important to you as a business person because it gives you the rules, what I call the spiritual principles, on how to use your energy to create something material, like a business or like money itself. The quantum world is the source, actually, it is more like the foundation, of the building blocks of the material world.

For example, a quark is what physicists call a “small” amount of energy. Quarks are the building blocks of subatomic particles that eventually form molecules and atoms, which you know from high school science class make up material objects.

The hard part to understand about the quantum world of energy is that it is invisible. Physics is the study of how the universe works: the universe we can see.  Quantum physics is the study of energy—which exists in empty space, which we cannot see.

Because we can’t “see” it, we, as the human race, missed it for most of our existence until the early 1900’s when quantum physics was born.   If you are the type who must “see” to believe, you will have to travel to Cern, Switzerland to the large Hadron Collider where if you are lucky and stay long enough you might, just might, actually “see” atoms smashed at the speed of light show up on a photographic plate.

If you become one of the business people who “get” Quantum physics and trusts that it exists, you jump out quickly onto the cutting edge where a few business entrepreneurs are learning how to grow their business by growing their understanding of their own energy and how it works to create.

Grow your energy; grow your bottom line.  Money is what we can see and is the result of the energy you use to create.  The more energy you have, the more money you will have.  Ponder it.  Think about it and I know you will get an insight into how you can make more money by working on your inner life.

Hope this connects some of the dots for you!  Let me know what questions it brings up.  Contact me at

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