“The only remedy lies in people transforming themselves.” James MacGregor Burns

About Our Coaches

Dr. Jayne serves innovative creators who want to 10X their business and their life. She works with people who want to create financial greatness through first finding personal greatness.  Her clients know, as research now supports, that growth of self and others builds a financially stronger company.

She says: “I am most proud of proving through my own business development and my clients’ successes that personal growth creates financial growth…and beyond.  Indeed uncovering and living our Divine Intelligence is the key to everything we ever want to create.”

Her favorite night out?  Curled up on the sofa by Dave and reading more research about how neuroscience of quantum physics can impact her work with her clients.

The unique part of Dr. Jayne—she does her own work first so you know anything she encourages you to do she has tried out herself. She knows how to call out the stories we hide behind because she strives every day to live her own best life.  But she knows that the results we all want toward the end of our lives are: more fulfilling relationships, and yes, grounded in a deep love and respect for ourselves.   She, like all of us, wants to know she has lived her best life!

She helps you move past personal problems showing you how they relate to your business challenges.  She “gets” that your conflicts and limiting beliefs are usually subconscious, based on fear, and usually difficult to identify by yourself. Her flagship product, The Divine Intelligence Process, gives you the blueprint to upload negative or limiting beliefs within you and rewire them into a set of beliefs you have carefully chosen to represent your most passionate, ardent, authentic self.

Hiding behind the Ph.D. shingle on her door is not her style, yet she knows the brain gets past resistance to change more easily if it knows some facts or research.

Dr. Jayne Gardner, MCC, LPC holds a doctorate degree in psychology and counseling and state licensure as an LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) and LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist). She has contributed articles to numerous magazines, professional journals, and media outlets including SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), Dallas Business Journal, and Science of Mind magazine. She has hosted her own radio show called Wired to Win (KRLD-AM/Dallas) and has appeared on CNN’s Business Unusual and on Good Morning Texas (ABC affiliate). Her authentic presence engages audiences quickly and leaves a lasting impact.

Because of her vast life experience, education, and presentation style, she receives rave reviews from audiences nationwide; she has presented all over the US and abroad to many prestigious groups such as the International Coach Federation, Unity Churches, and Young Presidents’ Organization.

Dr. Jayne has dedicated the last quarter of a century of her professional life to the study of personal transformation. In 2008, she graduated from the University of Texas Dallas School of Management with a major in Executive and Professional Coaching. She has since taught as Adjunct Professor of Business and Professional Communication at Texas Christian University and worked as an Executive Coach at the University of Dallas.


What Others Are Saying About Dr. Jayne

"Of all the 'people' tools we've explored and implemented in the company, I count Dr. Jayne’s Divine Intelligence Process as the most valuable to the company and the individual.”

- Perry Lacy, Personal and Career Coach

“Dr. Jayne’s process provided a renewed personal and professional self.  I gained more productivity in my work life and better quality of personal life by focusing on how to set boundaries and to value myself enough to set those boundaries.  Her process gives you the confidence to take on what may seem impossible.  The result of the process drew me closer to God, my husband, family, and co-workers, and helped me find my passion and gift.  I was truly grateful to go through the process and am so excited that I have the mindset to carry on a joyful life for the rest of my life.”

- Katie Goody, Recruiter

“The institute’s Coach Training is engaging, well-organized, and innovative. It will facilitate growth as a coach and at a personal level. Highly recommended.”

- Cindy Pladziewicz, J.D., Ph.D, PCC

“The group dynamics of the class were exceptional. I gained so much insight from Jayne, Dave, and my fellow coaches. The materials are time-tested, well thought out and refined. They will be a personal and professional resource to rely on for years to come.”

- Penny Rackley, Coach

"Our work together has helped me define my true gifts and to focus on my passions… to become a more authentic individual and to grow closer to God, my family and my co-workers. The value was so great that I also invested in a customized program for my national sales team.

After a multi-year professional relationship, I unequivocally endorse Dr. Jayne Gardner and the Institute. This relationship easily ranks as one of the most extraordinary investments I’ve made in my personal and professional life."

- Paul T. Baynard, Jr., Senior Director, Strategic Business Development

"Having spent the majority of my life in therapy, no process (or anyone for that matter) has ever helped me as much as Dr. Jayne’s has.  Right now, I feel like a 5-million-pound weight has been lifted and for the first time in my life feel 100% comfortable in my own skin and being okay with knowing what it is I actually do need and want for myself. It really feels kinda awesome :)"

- Laura Gossett

"Dr. Gardner's presentation was impressive and valuable to me because she is REAL!  The minute she begins speaking, you feel her authenticity.  There is almost an Erma Bombeck quality about her real-life approach.  As soon as she begins doing her work, there is no doubt about the proficiency with which she helps clients shift their thinking to create profound results."

- Mickie Schroeder, Kansas City International Coach's Federation



Dr. Jayne is very proud to present to you some of the most passionate and skilled coaches
she has personally trained in The Divine Intelligence Process.


Melissa Fickett is described as “transparent and supportive”, “down to earth with a warm presence.”  Working with Melissa through Dr. Jayne’s Divine Intelligence Process is eye-opening and educational - full of a-ha moments.  Her clients learn their very personal connection with all that is, and how to uncover their Divine, unlimited selves, which has been covered up by a lifetime of outside programming and influence.  They walk away from the process feeling powerful and connected, with a deep understanding of themselves and how their beliefs create their lives.  This is the beginning of a new, powerful, way of life.

As a former professional property manager and business owner, Melissa has spent most of her adult life guiding people through transitional times in their lives. She has continuously been entrusted with confidential information and given the responsibility of acting on behalf of others in sensitive situations. Melissa’s predisposition for empathy and compassion makes her a natural leader.

Melissa is a reliable confidant, and one of her superpowers is that she continues to see the best in others, even when they aren’t showing it.

Melissa is a long time fan of personal growth and self-improvement materials, especially in the area of mind over matter.  Prior to entering the field of coaching, Melissa counseled friends and co-workers in easing headaches and other physical ailments with the mind, as well as helping them to see their worth and set appropriate boundaries.  Melissa has spent over 24 years diving deeply into spiritual books, personal practice, and online courses.  She has trained at the Option Institute in Sheffield, Ma, and at the Divine Intelligence Institute in Allen, Texas.  Melissa has been trained in ICF Coaching and Spiritual Life Coaching and is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, with her focus in the Divine Intelligence Process. For more info, visit https://www.shiftconsciousness.com/


Monica Luna, ACC, is a native Texan and certified Life Coach with accreditations from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the Divine Intelligence Institute in Dallas, Texas (2010/2018). She is also an active member of the Austin ICF chapter and has over 300 client coaching hours to date. Her life coaching practice is holistically centered and driven; she guides clients into their inner selves to discover who they really are, which can be quite different from who they think they are. She utilizes deep questioning with genuine curiosity and attentiveness to coach the whole client. With her “parts make up the whole” approach, she guides clients into exploring what's important to them and the motivation behind it. By diving deep below the surface, clients discover the “why” of their true intentions. This personal realization becomes the fuel to the existing fire and propels clients to share themselves, their gifts and ideas, with others, and with true authenticity. In this approach, clients learn to see themselves differently because they did the inner work to know themselves first.

Monica coaches women clients experiencing relationship transformation including preparing for divorce, life after divorce, and finding love again after separation. She also works with women-owned small businesses to strengthen the bonds between their co-owners and employees while also maintaining focus on creating the changes they desire for their personal well-being. Visit www.lunalifecoaching.com to learn more about Monica and what a Life Coach can do for you.


According to Jayne Gardner, founder of The Divine Intelligence Process and an ICF Master Certified Coach, “I found Cathi's coaching presence to be rare, extremely supportive and instrumental in reaching the emotion and awareness I was seeking regarding the situation where Cathi was coaching me.

The Master Coach inside of her has burst free so if you have the opportunity to coach with her and experience her presence, don’t waste a moment of doubt.  Trust her as she knows how to bring forth the best in you.”

A former six-figure, corporate healthcare executive turned published author, certified coach, TV/Radio personality, and speaker, Cathi graduated from The Divine Intelligence Institute and received her certification in the “Divine Intelligence Process” in 2018. Cathi has coached thousands of people through all types of personal transformation, including romantic relationships, career change, health issues, self-love, and more and facilitates the Process with individuals all over the country.

Cathi Marcus is amazing at brainstorming with you to figure out solutions to your complex personal or professional questions. Cathi listens with her whole being, digs deep, and notices subtleties few others are able to perceive. This affords you new and unlimited possibilities for your future.  Additionally, Cathi shares a wealth of information with her clients as a devoted student of spiritual law, metaphysics, positive psychology, new thought, and meditation.

Cathi prides herself in creating a nurturing, safe space for her clients to explore their deepest truth, and building a community of “lightworkers” who responsibly manage and spread their positive energy to the world. For anyone serious about turning their vision into reality and learning to live in a high frequency of love, peace, or fulfillment, Cathi is the coach for you!

You can learn more about her at www.CathiMarcusCoaching.com and follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn at Cathi Marcus Coaching.


Kristin Robertson, CEO of Brio Leadership, is an executive coach and leadership development trainer with a specialty in creating great organizational cultures. With over 12 years of leadership coaching experience under her belt, she has many client successes that include promotions to dream jobs, breaking the glass ceiling, building great cultures through improved leadership skills, and improving team performance.  Her calling is to change the world by helping leaders create positive, productive, and performance-enhancing businesses.

Her coaching specialties are in emotional intelligence, leadership, and organizational savvy, and is experienced in building high-performance company cultures. She teaches leadership development, culture, and communication skills through the University of Texas at Dallas and at client companies. Ms. Robertson's practice is based on the principle that leaders make the biggest difference in a company's culture and performance. As the Gallup Organization says in the title of their latest book, "It's the Manager: Gallup finds the quality of managers and team leaders is the single biggest factor in your organization's long-term success."

Her latest book, Happy Mondays: How to Build a Culture where People Love to Go to Work!, guides leaders in growing vibrant organizational cultures.  She is certified to conduct the Organizational Culture and Effectiveness Indicators from Human Synergistics, which Robertson uses to benchmark the culture of an organization, identify causal factors, and map a journey toward long-term cultural transformation.

Ms. Robertson is the 2020 President of the International Coach Federation – North Texas chapter, where she has previously served for three years as the Programs Chair and President-Elect.  As a certified executive coach at the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) level, she draws on wisdom from many theories and schools. She is also a trained spiritual director.

Before founding her own companies, Kristin held numerous executive positions at Advent Software, where she built the client service culture that enabled an Initial Public Offering, and Fidelity Investments, where she won the President’s Award in her first year of service.

Human Interest story:

Robertson was a professional orchestral musician in her 20’s. She gave up playing when she had small children and a demanding executive job, and recently returned to playing viola in community and church orchestras.  She has two adult children, a devoted husband, and an adorable poodle.

For more information, visit www.brioleadership.com


Debra Rossi, ACC, Personal Life Coach, is a graduate of the Divine Intelligence Institute in Dallas, holds accreditations from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and has been in practice since January 2014.  She is passionate about her work with women and men around the country seeking Inner Transformation. Debra helps you push beyond your limiting beliefs to tap into your greatest source of spiritual intelligence. When you transform the emotions that have kept you stuck, you shift your consciousness and discover your personal power.  Through her work, she has seen time and again her clients gain a new perspective on life, love, and inner peace. This journey of inner self-discovery is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Debra started her career in the Human Resource Management field.  She always had a natural curiosity about people and cared about the development of others. Her own process of self- transformation began over 25 years ago. Debra’s journey culminated in discovering her life’s work with helping her clients bring out the best version of themselves as they awaken to their true potential.

The more you work on your spiritual growth, the more easily you manifest your desires in all areas of your life. Personal Life Coaching is a natural alignment with Debra’s passions, strengths, and interests.  Her message is both bold and simple: be courageous, expand your horizons, and embrace your higher, authentic self. Connect with Debra for a complimentary consultation at www.debrarossi.com.