Founded in 1995 and based in Allen, Texas, The Divine Intelligence Institute was inspired for the sole purpose of awakening the Creator within all of us. Formerly known as The Gardner Institute, the company was founded by Dr. Jayne Gardner, MCC, LPC, after she was interning at a hospital working with people with psychological disorders; she realized people were missing a vital component in their lives beyond medication or talk therapy. She discovered that people need concrete steps, research-based tools— a process for moving forward in life. She wanted the process to be based on ancient spiritual laws and ancient wisdom but grounded in current scientific research. So over the past twenty years, Dr. Jayne has developed, tested, improved and presented a proprietary process for ALL people interested in knowing the divine force within themselves. She calls it…DIVINE INTELLIGENCE.

The Divine Intelligence Process is designed for rapid spiritual advancement and as a breakthrough path to enlightened living.

In Dr. Jayne’s desire to inspire other professionals to integrate her work into their practice or career she developed The Divine Intelligence Institute’s first Spiritual Life Coach Certification™ to reach a larger audience with her process. The process was approved by the prestigious International Coach Federation in 2007. Since the inception of this coach training school, Dr. Jayne has been awarded the highest honor the coaching profession offers: The Master Certified Coach (MCC) Credential. Less than 400 coaches around the world have been granted this title affirming to Dr. Jayne she is on the right track to achieving her soul’s purpose of helping people uncover the Creator within them.

Hundreds of coaches already have been certified by Dr. Jayne and can attest to her innate ability to coach the best of coaches utilizing her proprietary process (formerly known as Mindset). She is now empowered more than ever to offer a coaching program through The Divine Intelligence Institute’s Spiritual Life Coach Certification. The only one of its kind for people committed to evolving the human spirit. All coaches are required to participate in The Divine Intelligence Process for personal transformation. For more information, please email us or call:

Want to know details about this extraordinary process to awaken the Creator within you?  Read Dr. Jayne’s book, Divine Intelligence: A Scientific  and Spiritual Process for Awakening the "Creator" Within.

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