The Divine Intelligence Institute’s

Spiritual Life Coach Certification™

Your new life is waiting…

If you are seeking a Divine calling; a career based in meaning, purpose and the evolution of your Soul, as well as, the ability and desire to support others in “Awakening the Creator Within”…The Divine Intelligence Institute™’s Spiritual Life Coach Certification™ is for you!

Spirituality and science show an innate invisible intelligence is within each of us waiting to be discovered to bring us the meaning and purpose in our lives we have been seeking …

  • Neuroscience calls it Ipseity or Selfhood.
  • Quantum physics calls it the Zero Point Field.
  • Psychology calls it the True Self.
  • Religion calls it God.
  • Spirituality calls it Soul, Source, or Spirit.

At our Institute we call it YOU, that small kernel of “Divine Intelligence” inside of you. Our science-based Spiritual Life Coach Certification is grounded universal spiritual truths and is a way to connect to that unlimited invisible force within called you! As you Awaken , our certification will empower you to share this precious gift as one of our certified Coaches.

Our Spiritual Life Coach Certification enables you to have your own coaching practice, including certification by the International Coach Federation. Led by Dr. Jayne Gardner Ph.D, MCC, LPC  (hyperlink to her bio ), one of only 400 Certified Master Coaches in the world.  She combines her proprietary Divine Intelligence Process (hyperlink to DI page) (a pre-requisite for all students in the certification program). As she believes we must be willing to work on our own spiritual development before Coaches can earn the right to become certified. Unlike other coaching programs, SLC believes that their coaches must have an authentic desire to help others but first …themselves. We are inclusive and non-religious.

Benefits of becoming a Certified Spiritual Life Coach

  • Participate in Dr. Jayne’s Divine Intelligence Process® to Awaken the inner Creator “force” or energy within you, for personal growth and rapid spiritual advancement and evolution of consciousness.
  • Learn the latest in Neuroscience, Spirituality, Ancient Wisdom, Spiritual Psychology
  • Understand how connection to the energy some call “God” and working on this relationship alone, can improve your life and help attain your life goals.
  • Find a rewarding, and purpose driven and Soul-based career you can start from your own home.
  • Earn thousands a month in guiding others to Awaken the “Creator” Within
  • Learn tools to grow your Certified Spiritual Life Coaching practice with the guidance of Dr. Jayne.
  • Study as you go and meet other like-minded students and coaches in the same program.


Or you can email us at to get started. Limited to 20 Coaches!

See the full certification outline.