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May 31, 2017

Goals vs. Intentions

Balance Your Goals (Outer Life) with Your Intentions (Inner Life)

Creating your best life requires setting goals and following through with meeting the benchmarks those goals demand.  We make goals all the time in life, even in months other than January.  We are constantly wishing and wanting and planning on better ways to live.  Hiring a personal coach is one way to assist you in the accountability.  One way your coach may help you to decide on your goals is to imagine the following scenario:  Three years have elapsed, and you are living the life of your dreams.  What is happening in each area of your life that makes me feel so complete?

The Inner Life is What Manifests Your Goals

Using this vision, identify what would be different in the following seven areas of your outside life: finances, recreation, relationships, health, career, environment and spiritual life.  Be specific in detailing what it looks like in that picture in your head in each of these areas if your goals were achieved.  For example, for you to have reached your financial goals, it may demand you are financially free.  But what literally does that look life in your outside life?  Does that mean you have $500,000 or $3,000,000 dollars in the bank?  Ten Million?  Or does that mean you have a job where you are now making enough money to be able to save money and be on a financial plan that will assure you of financial freedom?  These are your goals.  Be true to yourself in making them.  First word of caution:  Whatever you think about comes about! (Spiritual Law #3)  Whatever goal you set, may limit your achievements.  Whatever you focus on will be brought out into your outside world.  So if you focus on three million, you may get that three million and not six or ten million.  Second word of caution:  When thinking about your goals, you have to believe in yourself enough to make your goals.  So make them realistic enough that you can focus on them with truth.  Now put that imagined future in the back of your mind for a while.  Don’t discard those goals you just made but go with me to a place we all go at times:  The land of disappointment and discouragement.

Discouragement and Disappointment

If you are like me, you have completed a similar exercise only to fall prey to disappointments when the goals are not reached.  I have been confused as to what I did wrong or didn’t do right.  My efforts begin to seem useless and I eventually give up on this way of trying to make my dreams come true.  I needed another option on goal setting as I was tired of the frustration.  Well an answer fell into my lap when I was least expecting it.  Dave and I were making out our new year resolutions and focusing on our finances.  I was sharing with him that I wished to make a certain amount of money in my career the next year when he stopped me and suggested a different approach.  What if, he said, you focused on the number of people whose lives had been changed by your process instead of the amount of money you made?  WOW!  My inner life started shifting around so fast I knew he had something.  Of course, this had been my original intention:  to help people.  I felt different, somehow, when I started focusing on that aspect of my life.  I felt peaceful and calm when I thought about my intention and harried and urgent when I thought of my goal of making more money.

Set those goals but focus on your bigger intention.  Your inner life is where all the work will take place in making that outer dream come true.  In the Divine Intelligence Process, you realize your goals and dreams in a different way, by focusing you on your inner life: your intentions.

What would you like to overhear when you are sitting up in heaven listening to people talk about what kind of person you were?  Kind?  Loving? Giving?  Generous?  Fun to be with?  Or – Busy?  Stressed?  Worried?  Overworked?  In other words, what are your intentions?

Intentions don’t mean you abandon your goals.  They just free you from clinging and grasping at those goals.  And of course, if you are axing over reaching your goals, your inner state of mind is fear and worry which then reflects out into your world (Spiritual Law #3) and shows up as lack and limitation.  But if you are focusing on being the best person you can in your relationships, guess what shows up for you in the outside world?  Great relationships!  But what is even better is that when you focus more on your intentions, you realize your outer goals quicker and easier.  For example, now that I focus on my intention of helping people find their best selves and find joy in seeing people move out of their Conditioned Self thinking, I have made more money!  Weird huh?

When you think about it, The Conditioned Self flourishes in goal setting and brings it up to you all the time in questions like:  Have you finished that project?  Why are you relaxing and having fun, you haven’t met that goal yet?  Never enough, never enough, keep working!  Can you picture what you look like and appear like to that possible new customer much less your husband when you walk in the door that evening?  What if you relaxed right before you closed your eyes at night and counted all the people that you had made a positive impact on that day?  Maybe you would sleep a little better that night!

Your major intention in taking my Divine Intelligence Process is to detach from allowing things, people, and events in the outside world from messing with your peace of mind and happiness.  Happiness cannot be earned, consumed, worn or owned.  It can only come from experiencing your highest intention of living every moment in gratitude, or love or grace.

So look back at your goals for those seven areas of your life.  Define your intentions behind each goal.  For example, if your goal is to weigh less, your intention might be to be healthy.  You want to weigh less as a goal; you want to feel healthy as an intention.  Define how much weight you want to lose and decide what behavior it will take to get you there.  Then focus on your intention:  I am healthy.  Manifest just the life your want but your must know what you really want.  Take some time looking underneath each of your goals to see the hidden intention…there lies your real desire.  Life manifests to you always what you really want…so be careful what you wish for or rather intend for.

Intend well; live well. Enjoy the results!

Seeing the Divine in Others

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May 04, 2017

Are we God? Omnipresent? Omniscient? Omnipotent?

Our divinity is harder and harder to deny.  We are discovering the universe we live in is all of the characteristics we normally ascribe to God.  And since according to science, we are a holographic part of the universe, we contain all the information of the whole.

Omnipresence: Present everywhere at the same time. Recent research says our soul doesn’t die. it just goes back to the universe.  Just as we were made from the stars, we go back to the universe upon death. Sounds like a science fiction movie right?  On April 1, 2017,  an article was posted on Peace Quarters website giving telling us of research done by Dr. Stuart Hameroff, and American Physicist and Emeritus in the Department of Anesthesiology and Psychology, and Sir Roger Penrose, a mathematical physicist at Oxford University.  Together they have worked in a quantum Theory of Consciousness in which the soul is maintained in micro-tubules of the brain cells.  Upon death, the human brain is in fact a biological computer and  our consciousness is a program run by the quantum computer located inside the brain which continues to exist after death. We might conclude we are always present.

Omniscient: All knowing: knowing everything.  The researchers above tell us that consciousness as we know it is the result of quantum gravity located within the so-called micro-tubules in our brains.    When we die, these tubules lose their quantum state but maintain information contained within them. An axiom of science is that energy never dies; it can neither be created nor destroyed, it just dissipates to the universe at large. Our human souls it seems are more than just electrical interactions of the neurons in our brain…and could have been present since the beginning of time.

Could all information be stored in the universe where we interact with it everyday?  Sounds like an unlimited amount of information is available to us at all times.

Omnipotent: Having unlimited power.  Since we know we live inside the Zero Point Field, we exist in the middle of an unlimited amount of energy.  You might say we are a part of the biggest electrical energy plant every built.  

It is challenging  to say to ourselves:  We are God.  However, it is becoming more and more difficult to deny.

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April 20, 2017

Just saying “Thanks” can make you healthier!

You know how I feel about your Mindset!  You know I feel it is the key to prosperity, healthy relationships. This month since we are focusing on our physical health, I thought I would give you one quick and dirty way to stay healthy !  It is easy as saying grace at mealtime.  Yes, the state of gratitude is the “healthiest” mindset you can have.

Robert Emmons is the founder of the science of gratitude.  Below I share his top ten ways to practice gratitude.

Emmons Top 10 Evidence Based Gratitude Practices 

  1. Write a gratitude letter.  (Write to someone to tell them how they’ve helped you; write thank you note; just say ‘thank you.’)
  2. Keep a gratitude journal.  (Write it down, be specific, and avoid repetition.)
  3. Remember the bad  (When we remember a difficult time and how far we have come, the contrast is fertile ground for gratefulness; e.g., It’s A Wonderful Life – the George Bailey effect.)
  4. Ask yourself 3 questions:
    • What have I received from____.  (Recognizing the gifts we have received.)
  • What have I given to ____.  (How connected we are to others.)
  • What troubles and difficulties have I caused ____  (Acknowledging the pain we cause, and what we learn from it.)
    1. Learn prayers of gratitude.  (Pick a prayer that suits you, your faith, and your religion.)
    2. Come to your senses.  (Be grateful for your 5 senses - touch, sight, smell, taste, and hearing.)
    3. Use visual reminders.  (Be mindful; use post-it; symbols, accountability partners.)
    4. Make a vow to practice gratitude.  (Increase the likelihood of practicing gratitude when you let your friends and family know of your commitment; post reminders of it.)
    5. Watch your language(Walk the talk.  Express gratitude to others and in your “self-talk.”)
    6. Think outside the box.  (Express gratitude for those who have harmed you, and to those whom you have helped.)

    The above ways to stay healthy are so simple and take little of your time! These can be done daily, periodically or ongoing.  Pick one to do today!