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Are we God? Omnipresent? Omniscient? Omnipotent?

Our divinity is harder and harder to deny.  We are discovering the universe we live in is all of the characteristics we normally ascribe to God.  And since according to science, we are a holographic part of the universe, we contain all the information of the whole.

Omnipresence: Present everywhere at the same time. Recent research says our soul doesn’t die. it just goes back to the universe.  Just as we were made from the stars, we go back to the universe upon death. Sounds like a science fiction movie right?  On April 1, 2017,  an article was posted on Peace Quarters website giving telling us of research done by Dr. Stuart Hameroff, and American Physicist and Emeritus in the Department of Anesthesiology and Psychology, and Sir Roger Penrose, a mathematical physicist at Oxford University.  Together they have worked in a quantum Theory of Consciousness in which the soul is maintained in micro-tubules of the brain cells.  Upon death, the human brain is in fact a biological computer and  our consciousness is a program run by the quantum computer located inside the brain which continues to exist after death. We might conclude we are always present.

Omniscient: All knowing: knowing everything.  The researchers above tell us that consciousness as we know it is the result of quantum gravity located within the so-called micro-tubules in our brains.    When we die, these tubules lose their quantum state but maintain information contained within them. An axiom of science is that energy never dies; it can neither be created nor destroyed, it just dissipates to the universe at large. Our human souls it seems are more than just electrical interactions of the neurons in our brain…and could have been present since the beginning of time.

Could all information be stored in the universe where we interact with it everyday?  Sounds like an unlimited amount of information is available to us at all times.

Omnipotent: Having unlimited power.  Since we know we live inside the Zero Point Field, we exist in the middle of an unlimited amount of energy.  You might say we are a part of the biggest electrical energy plant every built.  

It is challenging  to say to ourselves:  We are God.  However, it is becoming more and more difficult to deny.

Jayne Gardner
Jayne Gardner