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Just saying “Thanks” can make you healthier!

You know how I feel about your Mindset!  You know I feel it is the key to prosperity, healthy relationships. This month since we are focusing on our physical health, I thought I would give you one quick and dirty way to stay healthy !  It is easy as saying grace at mealtime.  Yes, the state of gratitude is the “healthiest” mindset you can have.

Robert Emmons is the founder of the science of gratitude.  Below I share his top ten ways to practice gratitude.

Emmons Top 10 Evidence Based Gratitude Practices 

  1. Write a gratitude letter.  (Write to someone to tell them how they’ve helped you; write thank you note; just say ‘thank you.’)
  2. Keep a gratitude journal.  (Write it down, be specific, and avoid repetition.)
  3. Remember the bad  (When we remember a difficult time and how far we have come, the contrast is fertile ground for gratefulness; e.g., It’s A Wonderful Life – the George Bailey effect.)
  4. Ask yourself 3 questions:
    • What have I received from____.  (Recognizing the gifts we have received.)
  • What have I given to ____.  (How connected we are to others.)
  • What troubles and difficulties have I caused ____  (Acknowledging the pain we cause, and what we learn from it.)
    1. Learn prayers of gratitude.  (Pick a prayer that suits you, your faith, and your religion.)
    2. Come to your senses.  (Be grateful for your 5 senses - touch, sight, smell, taste, and hearing.)
    3. Use visual reminders.  (Be mindful; use post-it; symbols, accountability partners.)
    4. Make a vow to practice gratitude.  (Increase the likelihood of practicing gratitude when you let your friends and family know of your commitment; post reminders of it.)
    5. Watch your language(Walk the talk.  Express gratitude to others and in your “self-talk.”)
    6. Think outside the box.  (Express gratitude for those who have harmed you, and to those whom you have helped.)

    The above ways to stay healthy are so simple and take little of your time! These can be done daily, periodically or ongoing.  Pick one to do today!

    Chris Galis
    Chris Galis