Successful business entrepreneur and spiritual seeker

As a young, successful entrepreneur, Bryan had it all. With two prestigious degrees, various real estate investments, an expensive house, nice cars and a gorgeous, brilliant wife, he couldn’t ask for more.

However, Bryan couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that something wasn’t quite right. While life may have seemed perfect on the outside, something was missing on the inside. After extensive soul searching, it dawned on Bryan that he’d lost his life purpose.

A long-time self-help enthusiast, he dedicated himself to finding the right path forward. During a yearlong sabbatical from his company, Bryan sought solutions through meditation retreats, therapy, spiritual teachers, books and documentaries.

Unfortunately, none of these efforts seemed to fully get him back on solid ground becasuse he still didn’t know which direction to go with his life. He was struggling to get out of bed every morning and completely lacking motivation. It was only once he experienced a painful divorce and simultaneous business failure, that left him couchsurfing at friends houses and near bankruptcy, that something finally clicked. After a decade of starting and running companies, Bryan wanted to focus on helping others who were also struggling to find meaning. He wanted to become a life coach.

When it came time to begin his International Coach Federation training, an online search led him to Dr. Jayne Gardner and the Divine Intelligence Institute. As he read about the Process, he felt relieved. The intersection of neuroscience, quantum physics and spirituality quieted his skeptical brain, and provided the evidence he needed to know the program would work. As fate would have it, Dr. Jayne was starting a new coaching class the very next day, just a short driving distance away. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, he signed up and hit the road.

The Process teaches that, whether we are aware of it or not, old memories impact our daily lives and decisions. Throughout the three-month course, Bryan found one of the top benefits was digging into his repressed memories. Through daily journaling and his rewire retreat, he unearthed some animosity towards his mother and grandfather that he never realized he was holding onto. By working hard to revisit difficult events and conversations from the past and revealing the emotional charge behind each, Bryan became consciously aware of these memories, and addressed them. By doing so, he experienced a releasing of emotional bondage and a lightening of his soul.

When Bryan looks back on his life, he admits he was completely distracted. To ignore and move past uncomfortable feelings, he threw himself into work, exercise, and relationships. He, like many others do, lived this way for the majority of his life. Though he had tried it in the past, cognitive behavioral therapy didn’t delve into old limiting beliefs that were preventing him from reaching a deep level of transformation. The Process accomplished things that years of spiritual education, self-help books, retreats, meditation, and therapy had not touched.

Today, Bryan has completely turned his life around. He knows his purpose and he’s not afraid to go after it. After completing the program, he quickly found a much better living situation. Within two years he was able to slowly but surely get out of debt, and begin saving and investing again. He began attracting healthier relationships and entered into a new romantic partnership, enjoying the most mature, communicative, and deepest connection he’s ever experienced. He successfully started and grew his coaching business to a sustainable level. Most importantly, by loving and knowing himself, Bryan is equipped to navigate and grow in any circumstance.