Cat Stapleton

Now that I have completed the Process, I am changed. Prior to attending this class, I was unaware of how many limiting beliefs I had. I wasn't mindful of my power to create anything I wanted, even though I have heard that it is possible many times. I was reactive, often still thinking in what I've realized was a subtle victim mindset. Now, my awareness of just this piece has shifted the way I walk through the world.

Completing my first rewire retreat gave me unexpected insights. The education leading up to this retreat, which was so well crafted, prepared me for it. I absolutely love the science, the research, and the spirituality of the Process. It is brilliant. It is Truth.

I continue to be delighted by my evolution because of this class. I no longer hope that I can change. I AM changed. I feel empowered; I now know that I am a creator, because I am a hologram of the Universe. I have everything within me to accomplish whatever I want to do, as long as I use what I have learned from this class.

Dr Jayne's life work is presented in a way that will change lives, if it is practiced. It has certainly changed mine!