Divine Intelligence Process (September 28, 2020 Start Date)

Join Dr. Jayne for this dynamic 12 week online group course. Get personal LIVE coaching from Dr. Jayne, Ph.D., and one of the very few Master Coaches in the world!*

When you purchase the Essentials Package, you will receive each week:

  • One Dialogue, as we call the weekly exercises.  Usually, participants tell us the time it takes to write each “Dialogue” is around 45-60 minutes.
  • A weekly meditation to help you seal in what you have learned through presenting it to your subconscious. (Length about 20-40 minutes)
  • One hour of lecture on the underlying supportive research in biology, neuroscience, and quantum physics. (Scientific research underlies all of the dialogue exercises. Research indicates the brain will have less resistance to accepting science rather than opinion) You will be given time to ask your questions and hear Dr. Jayne’s answers about her use of science.
  • Weekly exercises with your Accountability Partner to broaden your experience. (AP is optional)

The Divine Intelligence Process Course Curriculum

Pre-work: Goal setting; Pre-Coaching Inventory; learning the Writing Habit

  • Class 1:     Informational
  • Class 2:     Goal Setting
  • Class 3:     Original Voice
  • Class 4:     Limiting Beliefs
  • Class 5:     Limiting Beliefs Cont’d
  • Class 6:     The Conditioned Self
  • Class 7:     The Conditioned Self Cont’d
  • Class 8:     Preparing for Retreat
  • Class 9:     Debrief Retreat
  • Class 10:   Shift to Authentic Self
  • Class 11:   Authentic Self Interview
  • Class 12:   Installation of New Beliefs

Results: Creating the life you have always wanted.

*please note that purchase of these products is non-refundable  

Below is the course content. You will have access to the classes once you register and payment is made. If you have already registered for the course and do not have access, please make sure you are logged in by clicking on the Student Login link in the menu above. Note that each class/dialogue only becomes available after that week’s scheduled lecture time (as shown in each class description).