Spiritual Life Coaching Certification Binder

Congratulations on beginning the Spiritual Life Coaching Certification process! We are excited that you have decided to embark on this amazing journey! Please be advised that this DI Process Binder can ONLY be purchased by a client of the Divine Intelligence Institute and is intended to help you work through your certification.


The Spiritual Life Coaching Certification binder includes Dr. Jayne Gardner’s book, Divine Intelligence: A Scientific and Spiritual System for Awakening the Divine Within, a story of a client coaching with Dr. Jayne. Her book includes the actual narrative in the coaching relationship with this client as well as an explanation of the spiritual and neuroscience laws supporting each dialogue.

The Spiritual Life Coaching binder includes the following

  • A digital download with a relaxation recording to use with D9 when installing new beliefs, A journal to begin your initial writing
  • An introduction section
  • A list of resources
  • Dialogue 1
  • Coaching worksheets.

The remaining Dialogues are to be sent to the client by their coach in sequence as they become ready. The $79 fee is the client’s fee, not the coach’s, and can be explained as paying for the use of the proven intellectual property process, as well as needed materials.

*please note that purchase of these products is non-refundable