Divine Intelligence:

A Scientific and Spiritual Process for Awakening the Creator Within

Divine Intelligence follows an entrepreneur and his coach through a transformative process—the culmination of a decade of research into universal spiritual truths and the science that supports them. As the true story unfolds, readers discover what the human spirit can achieve when we release limiting beliefs about ourselves and enter an unlimited mindset. Looking inward, he ultimately finds the highest force in the universe, his Creator.

The life you’ve always dreamed of living— one of your own design and crafting— is within your grasp.


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Our Relationship with Ourselves is Our Divine Intelligence.

According to cutting-edge neuroscience research, an intelligence exists inside each of us, beyond our known human capabilities. Advanced studies of brain function reveal this divine power exists within you. When you are able to tap into this “Divine Intelligence,” you gain unlimited power to overcome any external happening and create a new reality for yourself.

Grounded in Universal Spiritual Truths, drawing from all the world's faith and backed by neuroscience, Divine Intelligence offers readers the tantalizing promise to:
  1. Connect YOU with an inner spiritual self, not an external religious one.
  2. Allow you to meet your Authentic Self and make decisions based on your own unique belief system.
  3. Put you at the helm of your life, drawing on internal strength to overcome obstacles and create new opportunities.

The life you’ve always dreamed of living — crafted by your own design — is within your grasp!

4.8 stars on Amazon 


Dr. Jayne Gardner is a true pioneer in the science of spirituality. Her understanding of Gnostic teachings is thorough and wise.  Divine Intelligence is the handbook on Gnosticism for a New Era of spirituality, a must-read for seekers who are ready to take their quest to the next level.

–Kathleen McGowan, International, best-selling author of The Expected One, The Mary Magdalene series

The combination of spirituality, supported by science and research, took my brain by storm and blew all the beliefs I had about God into another country. This read is dynamic and powerful and does what every good coach hopes to do—create a mental shift that allows more energy and vitality to emerge in another human being.

–Christine Martin, Master Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation

Completing the Divine Intelligence Process was a life-changing experience. With my new understanding of self and God, I am not living small anymore--it is a rebirth at 63!

–Betty Choi-Fung, MD, CCFP

I don't overstate it when I say that the work  Dr. Jayne is doing on Divine Intelligence is Life Changing, even for someone at the age of 63!  I thought I had done alot of personal work through other readings, courses and coaching.  The time I spent with Dr. Jayne working her process took all of that to another level of consciousness. Plus, the new habits I have been able to form as a result, have set me on a new path in life."

–John F. Siqueira, CEO, TL One Partner LLC

Dr. Gardner's presentation was impressive and valuable to me because she is REAL!  The minute she begins speaking, you feel her authenticity.  As soon as she begins talking, there is no doubt about the proficiency with which she helps entrepreneurs shift their thinking to create profound results in their relationships.

–Mickie Schroeder, Event Planner for ICF Chapter, Oklahoma

Dr. Jayne’s presentation uncovered my self-defeating thinking processes that I had unconsciously used to "protect" myself.  As a result of implementing her suggestions and tools, now at 59 years old, I am in the greatest growth phase of my professional and personal life.  Of all the presenters to our group we have hired at TAC, I count Dr. Jayne’s presentation as the most valuable to the company and the individual.

–Perry Lacy, Internal Coach at TAC

Awesome presentation! The practical scenario was deeply helpful to ground her talk. Very helpful insights and tools to use. Loved the science based research presented for credibility with our managers.. Excellent usable content and enjoyed the demo. Entertaining as well as provocative ideas. We will have her back again.

–Sandra M, Rescare  Workforce International