Ecleave J.

Strong Southern woman harnesses her own power to be a more effective community leader

Ecleave is a strong Southern woman, proud to be called by her distinct and unusual name. Time and experience have taught Ecleave that while there will always be bumps in the road, the trick is to learn how to handle those bumps with grace. As a self proclaimed feminist, Ecleave created a Women's Ministry that would empower women to pursue their dreams and passions. She observed that the women were hitting bumps in the road of their own but would reluctantly turn or share with the group for support to find solace during their time of need. Nevertheless, Ecleave persisted, hoping change would happen over time.

In January 2018, Ecleave hit her own bump. After raising two daughters and retiring as a teacher for 30 years, Ecleave spent the majority of her time caring for her aging mother. While she felt she was doing the right thing, she could not ignore the calling to do more with her life. One day while flipping through one of her favorite magazines, she spotted an advertisement for the Divine Intelligence Institute. It was no accident that this particular ad jumped out at her. After contacting Dr. Jayne and discussing the program with her husband, she optimistically signed up for the Process.

Over the next three months, Ecleave slowly began identifying and shedding her heaviest emotional layers. During the Process, everyone is paired with another person in the program to connect weekly and help each other stay on track with the program. Ecleave's assigned accountability partner played an instrumental role in helping her discover her true self. After years of always being the person her family and friends leaned on for advice, this was the first relationship where Ecleave felt she was equally heard and guided along the way.

Through the Process work, Ecleave came to terms with the fact that she was not leading an authentic life. She was ruled by external conditions and found she was terrified to say no or make mistakes. By not listening to her inner voice as a guide, she often became a version of herself she didn't like, letting stress, frustration and negativity consume her. She finally saw that by putting all of her energy into showing up for others, she inadvertently failed to show up for herself. Not only was this harmful to Ecleave, it was damaging in her effectiveness as a leader. Despite her best intentions, hiding her true self backfired as she didn't demonstrate relatability to her audience. For the first time , she recognized that the women in her ministry didn't need to open up, she did.

This revelation led to Ecleave's powerful "Ah-ha" moment. By getting vulnerable and sharing her mistakes with others, she created a judgement-free, safe space to reach others, and break down walls of insecurity and trust. She experienced a profound liberation, realizing that adjusting her behavior significantly impacts how others respond to her.

Today, Ecleave is exactly where she needs to be. She chooses every day to show up as the best version of herself by actively harnessing the higher intelligence that resides within her, She puts into practice by listening with intention in her ministry and following her heart. She recognizes that because her old conditioned ways are as powerful as the tide, she must consciously live as her authentic self. Fortunately, thanks to the Process, she knows how to do so.