Spiritual Life Coach Certification

Training Programs in Sequential Order

The Divine Intelligence Institute™ is an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) under the International Coach Federation (ICF), offering 126 ACTP hours of instruction.

Each course below can be purchased separately.  Spiritual Life Coach Training Program Levels I & II (Steps 2 and 3 below) can be purchased separately; however, they can also be purchased together for a savings of $500. Prices below are cost of each class if purchased separately:

Step 1: The Divine Intelligence Process – The Divine Intelligence Process is Dr. Gardner’s instruction manual on how to profoundly improve your health, wealth and relationships.  This course is open to anyone. It is a 3-month, 12-week course delivered by webinars. Prior completion of this course is a prerequisite for registration in the Spiritual Life Coach Training Program.  The cost for the course is $1000. Click here to register now.

Step 2: Spiritual Life Coaching Training Program – Level I – This 66-hour course is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). It is a 6-day course delivered in person. It provides a strong emphasis on the ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics. Level I includes Introduction to Coaching, Ethics of Coaching, Coaching Practices, and Marketing the Spiritual Way.  Completion of this course or equivalent course from an ICF accredited coaching school is a prerequisite for the Level II Course (66 ACTP hours). The cost for the Level I course individually is $3000. Click Here to Register Now

Step 3: Spiritual Life Coaching Training Program – Level II – Dr. Gardner’s Level II is a 60-hour, 6-day course delivered in person that trains students to teach the Divine Intelligence Process.  This proven methodology combines spirituality and recent advances in neuroscience to help clients overcome limiting beliefs, realize their Authentic Self, and use that knowledge to impact the lives of others.  Level II includes the Coaching in Groups workshop as well as the Neuroscience workshops (60 ACTP hours).  The cost for the Level II course individually is $3500. Click here to register now


The Expansion Club: The purpose of this group is to assist trained DI Process coaches in marketing their business and giving them further teaching from Dr. Gardner on coaching  current clients using the DI Process.  We start with a check in on our WINS about  progress in creating a viable coaching business.  There is also the option to be coached if there is a challenge a coach is facing.  Next we address any questions coaches have in using the DI Process with their clients.  Dr. Gardner answers questions and discusses with the group the best ways:  to sell the process, to enlist the client in the work of the process, to help clients have a successful retreat, help coaches understand and define the terms and language in the process, as well as understand the science behind each dialogue. The goal is to move coaches  into using the DI Process in their businesses with successful outcomes. We draw energy from each other on these calls hearing about how our peers are using the DI Process and attracting clients and growing their business.

The Club meets the second Wednesday of every month at 12:00pm CST.   Attendance every week is not required.  The time is offered for coaches to discuss coaching in general and specifically the DI Process.  The desire is  to keep up with each other’s lives and offer support when needed.  Coaches can drop in any Wednesday as there is no need to rsvp.  We love and welcome the synergy any time we can get it! Contact Julie Hohe at  julie@divineintelligenceinstitute.com  for an invitation and join us any time you can!