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Awaken your Divine Feminine – on the mountaintop!

October 18 - October 21


Are you willing to stop playing small and to step into an authentic and powerful life?

Calling all women! Come experience The Divine Intelligence Process (special feminine version) with me in beautiful Boulder, Colorado on October 18 – 21, 2018.

The Divine Feminine is an energy that has been with us since ancient time. The Divine Feminine is rising up, magnificently, right now in our mass consciousness. Let’s raise that set point a little higher by gathering together to look inside and uncover what is holding us back due to being brought up as a girl. Let’s unleash the Divine Feminine together in this weekend retreat!

In my own personal journey to find my Authentic Self, I discovered the power of a feminine intelligence within me. I had been taught feminine meant softness, weakness, and a pleasing nature, certainly not owning my power. As I peeled back limiting beliefs about being a girl, I realized these blocks had been buried in our female brains for centuries and needed to be extracted and rewired, permanently, for the next generation. Much of our power lies in expressing our emotions, yet we may still hold back our anger and our frustration at times not knowing how to best express it. The word E-Motion means energy in motion. Could we be afraid we might upset someone or hurt their feelings? Let’s stop giving up our power. Let’s be ourselves, our most powerful selves.

Are you ready to step into your power and create your best relationships, a career fulfilling your unique purpose, and a healthier and stronger body?

Since the essence of my beloved Divine Intelligence Process is about removing our limits, I created a version just for women, who want to integrate their head with their heart. I now see how feminine energy is the missing piece to strengthening the world’s connection to the heart. Science now shows us our heart energy is many times more powerful than our brain. Every time you connect with yourself and embrace your emotions, you get stronger and more resilient. When you find deep inner love, honor, and respect for yourself, you begin to stand proudly in your Authentic Self. This sacred part of us, the Divine Feminine, is about creation and oneness with life. It is about owning our power but in a different way.

And in the long run, we step out as leaders to show others the true definition of power.

What is the Divine Feminine?

Soul-centered beauty.       Intimacy.      Vulnerability.      Transparency.     Kindness and compassion.

Unconditional Love for self and others.

Freedom from the limiting messages of our childhood about gender.

Allowing rather than controlling.

Honoring our emotions and letting them be fully expressed, rather than buried alive.

It is about being rather than doing.


How do we align with the Divine Feminine?

  • Learn to Self-Regulate your emotions.
  • Detach from global occurrences which promote fear and separation
  • Understand there is power in reflection and knowing your inner self
  • Let go of your distractions long enough to listen to your feminine voice
  • No longer let others who seem more powerful hold you back from being your highest self in each present moment
  • Love yourself enough to provide the self-care you deserve
  • By spending more time with Mother Nature

What will happen when we do?

When you begin to honor and respect this inner Divine Feminine voice within yourself, it will be reflected back to you many fold. Awakening the Divine Feminine is the solution to your personal healing as well as the healing of our earth.  It also satisfies your longing for success, eliminates competition, and gives you the capacity to unconditionally love yourself and then others.

The call to know this inner sacredness is an outcry from our hearts. In this time in the mountains, we will literally hike into nature to find this long-neglected powerful part of ourselves. In this 3 days, we will go inside, release what is no longer needed and connect with the divine feminine. In doing so you become whole and in harmony. When we are brave and courageous enough to explore ourselves and embrace this feminine magic, our relationships grow, we get ahead in our careers, and our intuition lightens the load we carry.

What will happen in the 3 days?

  • Learn how to expand your heart energy with the new tapping techniques (EFT) to balance your thinking brain and your feeling brain. (steps to get out of your amygdala’s control over your life)
  • Be introduced to some new research showing how to raise your emotional set point.
  • Experience how the local and the non-local mind integrate to create.
  • Uncover the use of your own Divine Feminine through Dr. Jayne’s process. (and yes if you have taken this process before, you are an ideal candidate to experience it at a different level).
  • Receive reminders of how to love and accept yourself and others unconditionally.
  • Discover new meditation techniques to wire in new strong beliefs about empowerment.
  • Clarity: Learn what it is you really want. (it may be all you want is to have greater and more positive emotions in your life instead of “things”).
  • Finish up with a plan of action to move forward to create a powerful new life acknowledging your divine feminine!

Are you ready to get away, unwind and relax for a few days allowing the divine feminine to step forward?

This outdoor setting will allow us to meld with the power of Mother Nature knowing that we are connected and are one with the divine.  To facilitate connection with nature, joining Dr. Jayne will be Sarah Wright, creator and CEO of Spirit Walks. Sarah will bring the magic of the outdoors into each day giving you spirit walks to enhance your “divining” time (as well as giving you the change for fun exercise to enhance your self-care and solitude). BTW, you will be given the chance for some downtime. If you prefer to walk alone or take a nap, time on your own is encouraged.

October 18, Thursday: The evening you arrive

6:00-8:00 p.m.  We will gather and have time to get acquainted. We will begin this spiritual journey by sharing positive stories about our successes where our feminine nature won out. We will end each evening with a deep meditation, providing music inducive of changing your brain waves to receive some new thoughts and beliefs about yourself related to the Divine Feminine.  After each evening meditation, we will ask you to be in silent meditation allowing the learning and anticipation of change to settle into the cells of your body.

October 19, Friday – Day #One: We get busy uncovering the Divine Feminine…

We were born free of limiting beliefs and burdens, a clean slate.  In most of our lives, early on, we were immersed in stress and outside influence creating anxiety and fear, even from the well-meaning adults in our lives. We will spend the day working on our lifeline in the form of memories, both positive and negative, of moments where lessons were learned or at least offered. We will focus on times in our lives where our gender created a challenge for us and we may have taken a back seat. We will provide an opportunity to hike into the forest as a setting to remember some of our deepest memories. Our goal on Day One will be to look at our entire lifeline from an Observer viewpoint and figure out the patterns of thinking that developed as our brains wired in limits specifically about our femininity, covering up our authenticity and spontaneity.  What is the theme of the lessons you have been presented in your lifetime about girls? We want that child-like mind back and we are given a re-do so we can own her feminine powers.  We are preparing the soil for planting. We seek peace and harmony with the universe. The boundaries of our limits are stretched, and we become aware of the unlimited possibilities of our feminine self.  Our hearts prepare to open.

October 20, Saturday – Day #Two: Immersion into our feelings.

Today we learn all about our emotions: the good, the unsaid, and the powerful. We hear the latest research about how emotions are credited as our major power sources. We learn how to express our emotions to create joy and happiness. We hear about the impact of emotions on our health and we figure out with the help of our team what our emotions are doing to our bodies. We are given tools and directions on how to reset our emotional set point. Time is allotted in the afternoon to uncover some of the buried emotions so capable of holding us back from our dreams. Again, you have the opportunity to be with Mother Nature as you unveil feelings you might have avoided and buried due to being a woman. We will end the day with a healing meditation and give time for the brain to rewire as we sleep.

October 21, Sunday – Day #Three: Emerging as our Authentic Selves.

We begin the day by asking ourselves who we were in the beginning and who we want to be now.  We have cleared the slate. We learn to balance our masculine and feminine traits. What do we most value? What do we most love to do? What do we want the rest of our lives to be like?  What is the one thing we are here to do?

We will go to the mountaintop today to celebrate who we are! We will share with each other our discoveries about our feminine selves and also reveal the mysteries we are still exploring.

We will spend our time together creating our own plan for personal gratification of our most wanted life.

We do not manifest alone.  We are connected to the universal energy and on this last day together we learn how to activate our potential to manifest by learning about how to support each other and how the universe operates for the good and supports us.  We will experience the universe rising up to greet us and carry us forward. We renew our connections to each other, decide how this time will change our relationships, our careers, and our lives back home and design our next few months of spiritual work. We leave with a blueprint, a plan for keeping our spiritual alignment with the Divine Feminine in our daily lives.

We will finish up by 4:00 so you may take a late flight home that night or stay and enjoy one more night and return home that Monday morning.


 “Yesterday I was clever and I wanted to change the world.  Today I am wise so I am changing myself.”  -Rumi

$650 – registrations between August 16th and September 1st
$1000 – registrations between September 2nd and October 1st
Registration closes after October 1st
($200 deposit is optional and non-refundable)

Includes 3 lunches and one evening meal

We are holding this 3-day retreat in Boulder, Colorado at The Chautauqua Inn. See the pictures below.

There are still a few cottages left at the Inn where the workshop will be held; however, the Inn is pretty pricey if you are staying by yourself.  (Connections to other participants is possible if you wish to share a room. Please send us an email if you wish to share a room –  info@divineintelligenceinstitute.com).  We have other places identified which are within walking distance of under one mile. See below for more information if you wish to stay somewhere other than the Inn.

They currently have some availability in their cottages: 1 Bedroom, 2 Bedrooms & 3 Bedrooms (subject to change). In order to book cottages, you can call the Lodging Office at 303-952-1611. They are open 7 days a week from 7:30 AM – 11 PM MST. Otherwise, you can book online by visiting their website. Most cottages come with a sleeper sofa but they tell us this isn’t the most comfortable way to stay at Chautauqua especially for an extended period of time. However, for groups, they would recommend the following Cottage Sleeping Capacities (not sharing beds).

View of Cottages

1 Bedroom: 1 person + 1 optional sleeper sofa – $223.00 / night

2 Bedrooms: 2 people + 1 optional sleeper sofa – $261.00 / night

3 Bedroom: 3 people + 1 optional sleeper sofa – $312.00 / night

Call the Inn directly to book your cottage. The Inn books single cottages; however, it also has availability to 2-3 bedroom cottages where you could share costs with another participant. Contact us for lists of sign-ups to coordinate if you are interested in sharing a cottage with someone.

900 Baseline Road
Boulder, CO 80302
Tel: 888.358.5677
Fax: 303.449.0790

Places to stay within one mile (uphill) walking distance of the Inn:

Basecamp Boulder Hotel

2020 Arapahoe Ave.

Boulder 80302-6513


Best Western Plus Boulder Inn

770 28th St.


1-866 286 0843













Places within walking distance to the Chautauqua Inn where the day activities will be held:

Map and Directions to the Chautauqua Inn:

From Denver International Airport (DIA):

Start out going NORTH on PENA BLVD. Go STRAIGHT to go onto PENA BLVD. Merge onto I-70 W/US-36 W via the exit on the LEFT. Take the I-270 W exit, EXIT 279, toward FORT COLLINS. Merge onto US-36 W. Take the BASELINE RD exit toward CO-93. Continue on Baseline up the hill. Just past 9th Street, turn LEFT into Chautauqua Park.

From Denver:

Take I-25 N/US-87 N toward FT COLLINS. Merge onto US-36 W via EXIT 217 on the LEFT toward WESTMINSTER/BOULDER. Take the BASELINE RD exit toward CO-93. Continue on Baseline up the hill. Just past 9th Street, turn LEFT into Chautauqua Park.

From Golden:

Take CO-93 N to Boulder. Turn LEFT onto the BASELINE RD. Continue on Baseline up the hill. Just past 9th Street, turn LEFT into Chautauqua Park.

From Longmont:

Take CO- 119 S to Boulder. CO-119 S becomes CO-157 S/FOOTHILLS PKWY. Turn RIGHT onto the BASELINE RD toward CO-93. Continue on Baseline up the hill. Just past 9th Street, turn LEFT into Chautauqua Park.

Lodging Office

From the main entrance of Chautauqua Park located at just south of 9th and Baseline, follow the signs to the Lodging Office, turning left on Morning Glory Drive. Park in front of or behind Academic Hall, the off-white, two-story building on your right-hand side. The Lodging Office is located on the 1st floor of Academic Hall.


October 18
October 21