Fast Start Notebook (PDF Download) 


The purpose of this FASTSTART Business Building Program is to provide information to help you “get out there” and FASTSTART your coaching business.  In our training of coaches at The Gardner Institute, we have been asked many times to give our future coaches a list of everything they need to do to get started.  This FASTSTART day is an attempt to get you ready to start making money as fast as possible.  We will give you certain tasks you must accomplish before being ready to see your first client.  The steps are in the order we feel are logical but the order may not be important.  What is important is that you have completed all of the steps before you are ready to see that first client.  To look like a professional and be a professional coach, you need to be able to offer several methods of payment, to have a packet of information they fill out as well as offer business cards and referral to a website that presents you well and explains what you do.

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