Dr. Jayne Gardner

Dr. Jayne Gardner tells her training students she is excited to get up every morning due to the passion coaching brings to her life. She combines neuroscience with spirituality raising her coaching to the highest level of success for her clients. She teaches her clients how to reprogram their minds to achieve goals beyond their imagination.

Twenty- five years of experience combined with the highest recognition and education possible in the coaching field, she is one of a few hundred coaches in the world to own the coveted title of MCC, Master Certified Coach. She has a Ph.d in counseling psychology and has been on several university faculties.

Most important for you, her success as an individual coach is unprecedented. Her clients achieve their goals, no matter how challenging.

To work with Dr. Jayne, please email her at drjayne@divineintelligenceinstitute.com

Here is what her clients say about her:

"Your amazing coaching has enriched me beyond measure and is truly a light unto this world!" 

"Due to your coaching, my life has transformed on many levels both professionally and personally. But the most important results from coaching with you has been the impact on my daughter. For that, alone, your coaching is priceless!"

"Coaching with you, I learned how powerful my own thoughts are and that I can create just the life I want by changing my thoughts. The cellular changes that occurred in my brain are here for good -as is my amazing life."