Single mother learns she can still be strong while accepting help from others

From a young age, Laura felt a strong current of spiritual energy. She always suspected it was generated from a higher power, but the higher power she imagined didn’t align with the teachings of her Catholic church. Laura was determined to gain a better understanding of this powerful force that drew her in time and time again.

Over the years, Laura developed a passion for science and became an industrial engineer in Mexico. Unfortunately, when Laura, her husband and their two daughters relocated from Mexico to Houston, Texas, her credentials were not recognized in the United States. Her marriage had always been difficult, and eventually she and her husband divorced. Laura found herself starting a brand-new chapter of her life becoming a single mom and exploring her entrepreneurial side as a spiritual healer. She began teaching specific classes, like Thetahealing, to private clients. While she was thrilled with her work, she longed to earn a business credential again. By 2016, Laura decided to become certified in life coaching and expand her practice to addressclients' lives, careers, and healing more holistically.

Determined to move forward as soon as possible, Laura was preparing to sign up for a local coach training program. Unfortunately, she didn’t feel a natural connection with the program director, and worried he may be hard to work with. Instead of backing out, she followed her modus operandi, pushing her concerns aside. She rationalized that if it meant getting certified, she would just had to buckle down and work with the director, no matter if she had concerns. As Laura puts it, that’s when the divine intervened. She attempted to visit the program website to sign up, but strangely the URL didn’t work. She then Googled the program, but the company had mysteriously vanished from the search results. Suddenly, Dr. Jayne’s website was front and center on her screen. Laura instantly felt led to contact Dr. Jayne, and did so right away.

Before the Process began, Laura wasn’t actively seeking a course to reexamine her past and heal her wounds. Although she had greatly suffered at the hands of her abusive husband over the years, she refused to play a victim. Instead, Laura presented a tough exterior to protect herself from further harm.  However, since the Process was required in order to take Dr. Jayne’s coach training, Laura began the work with an open mind.

Laura was astonished by how quickly she began to transform during the Process. For the first time, Laura allowed herself to acknowledge that she didn’t like the way she had felt over the years. She felt liberated and began creating space to heal in many areas of her life. Over the course of the program, Laura unlocked old memories from her subconscious, revealing some deeply rooted anger. With Dr. Jayne’s loving guidance, she began to see that asking for help didn’t mean she was weak. As she let her guard down, Laura focused on forgiveness and empowerment. The timing for taking the Process couldn’t have been better, as Laura’s mother was diagnosed with vocal cord cancer.

While Laura didn’t have a bad relationship with her mother at this point, it was definitely strained. Laura could never understand why she could easily express her love to her children and friends, but had a harder time doing so with her mother. As soon as the Process ended, Laura attended a meditation retreat. Since her mind was freshly cleansed from the Process, she was able to go to a very deep place in her meditation. She was shocked as she recalled trauma from her childhood that she was never aware of before. Her mind returned to the room where she was abused by her grandfather as a child. In this vivid memory, she saw her mother walk into the room, observe what was happening, and walked away without a word. All at once, she understood where the distance between them originated.

After remembering this traumatic event, Laura chose to completely forgive her mother. A short time later, her mother had a routine PET scan. Miraculously, the cancer had disappeared without a trace, and didn’t return.

Today, Laura lives by the following mantra: “I can be changed by what happens to me, but I refuse to be reduced by it.” She is the happiest she’s ever been because she knows what she wants and goes after it unapologetically. Her life coaching practice is booming. Laura credits the Process for helping her release her pain and transform into a more compassionate person and coach. This experience opened space for more empathy, understanding and compassion in her practice.

To others who want to take the Process, Laura shares this message: in order for it to work, you have to be ready to face your painful past. The key to success is to acknowledge that things have happened to you, and trust that it can be changed. If you stand strong to face the pain and release it, you will be transformed.