Level I Divine Intelligence: Asleep and Unaware

Your Spiritual IQ lies in the range between 80-90.

Clear your head with some time alone and then read the below for some ideas.

  1. If you are indeed happy, ignore this and keep going about your business.
  2. You may have to learn spiritual lessons the hard way but know there is an easier way when you are ready.
  3. In a crisis, seek out a coach to help you see what thinking patterns may be keeping you stuck and repeating experiences in life.
  4. Question everything you have ever been taught. Make curiosity part of your life like it was when you were a child.
  5. Talking to yourself is a way to listen to your higher self.
  6. Be open to feedback from people you trust.
  7. If you choose to stay religious, be inclusive of others’ religion also.

If we at The Divine Intelligence Institute can be of help in understanding the results you get from this assessment, or in suggesting new ways to develop your spirituality, we are happy to help like-minded people like yourself. Again, thank you for taking the time to find out more about yourself. You can find out more about our products of spiritual advancement on our website: www.divineintelligenceinstitute.com