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There are twelve Power Potentials of the Divine Intelligence. (see my book Divine Intelligence for a list of all 12, p. 286). These Power Potentials allow us to maintain a connection to the Creator within and be more likely to create the outcomes we desire in our lives.

The assessment you just took measures one of the most important power potentials inherent in Divine Intelligence: Creative Consciousness. Psychologists call it Internal Locus of Control. Also called, Internal Focus, or source, it refers to the extent to which individuals believe that they can control events that affect them or how responsible they are for what shows up in their lives. Wayne Dyer once said we are responsible for 100% for what shows up in our lives. We at The Divine Intelligence Institute agree!

A person who is high in Creative Consciousness manifests and creates one’s life in full awareness of what they are creating. Conscious Creators are resilient, which means they can maintain high levels of mental and emotional positivity and well-being in the face of adversity. They are internally-sourced and can reframe and shift back to depend on their source within for answers rather than rely on the beliefs of outside sources.

Conscious Creators are also self-aware. They are observant, or in what Quantum Physics calls the Observer state of mind. They carefully consider events; they do not simply react to them. They are Emotionally Non-Reactive, which means they do not allow old emotions or beliefs to control them or cloud their judgment. Usually present-oriented, they are actively engaged in the here and now rather than dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. They respond rather than react.

In short, they are high in Divine Intelligence!

See how your results stacked up compared to other people in being a Conscious Creator.

Scoring in Level V means you are high in Consciously Creating. Scoring closer to Level I means you are just now waking up to your creative abilities.

Your Score - Level III: Aware of own Creative Powers

Your Spiritual IQ lies in the range between 100-110. You are above average in your creative power.

Individuals scoring within this range are on the cusp of living the lives they have always imagined. They are in the midst of finding out exactly who they are. Persons of this mindset will not tolerate a reality confined by the status quo. Instead they have chosen to ascend beyond living within the limitations of mediocrity. The population in Level III prides itself in its identity as life- long learners. When they struggle, doubt or deny their own creative powers, they find success only comes to them through hard work rather than changing thoughts. Their consistent efforts in pursuing the frontiers of human knowledge serve to prime the brain’s creative potential, offered through the construct of neuroplasticity. This property affords the brain the ability to activate new neural synaptic connections. When the brain is challenged to sustain focus and acquire knowledge, it fosters the preliminary stages required to rewire the brain. The brain’s capacity to rewire itself allows a person’s conscious intent to manifest in the material world. People in this category still have brain resiliency, which given direction can rewire itself. Because of this populations’ inherent motivation to improve its self-awareness and over all integrity, it encompasses the credential needed to manifest thoughts into matter; but they may not have perfected this ability to create quite yet.

Knowing your desire for spiritual development, I am sure you are asking yourself, what can I do to keep this expansion going?

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