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There are twelve Power Potentials of the Divine Intelligence. (see my book Divine Intelligence for a list of all 12, p. 286). These Power Potentials allow us to maintain a connection to the Creator within and be more likely to create the outcomes we desire in our lives.

The assessment you just took measures one of the most important power potentials inherent in Divine Intelligence: Creative Consciousness. Psychologists call it Internal Locus of Control. Also called, Internal Focus, or source, it refers to the extent to which individuals believe that they can control events that affect them or how responsible they are for what shows up in their lives. Wayne Dyer once said we are responsible for 100% for what shows up in our lives. We at The Divine Intelligence Institute agree!

A person who is high in Creative Consciousness manifests and creates one’s life in full awareness of what they are creating. Conscious Creators are resilient, which means they can maintain high levels of mental and emotional positivity and well-being in the face of adversity. They are internally-sourced and can reframe and shift back to depend on their source within for answers rather than rely on the beliefs of outside sources.

Conscious Creators are also self-aware. They are observant, or in what Quantum Physics calls the Observer state of mind. They carefully consider events; they do not simply react to them. They are Emotionally Non-Reactive, which means they do not allow old emotions or beliefs to control them or cloud their judgment. Usually present-oriented, they are actively engaged in the here and now rather than dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. They respond rather than react.

In short, they are high in Divine Intelligence!

See how your results stacked up compared to other people in being a Conscious Creator.

Scoring in Level V means you are high in Consciously Creating. Scoring closer to Level I means you are just now waking up to your creative abilities.

Your Score - Level IV: Awakened and Activated

Congratulations!  You have scored next to the top level on this assessment!

Your Spiritual IQ is  in the superior range (110-120)

You are close to the top in spiritual intelligence. There is only one higher level.  This may be a possible gift you have never developed. In school, we are rarely  given credit for “spiritual intelligence”. Perhaps you have even been made to feel less than, instead of gifted. This gift is not yet understood by society and you may even be put down by it as this is a higher level of intelligence.   It is important that you seek out like- minded people who understand you and talk your language. Spend some time investigating a career where this gift is being utilized for the benefit of the world. 

Level IV encompasses a population living life with an overall high level of satisfaction although they may not be totally fulfilled in every area of their life. Individuals with this mindset proactively search for the many possibilities offered in life.  They lift others up by their example. They trust themselves to take chances with a confidence tethered to the likelihood of success. They take risks naturally but thoughtfully. Members of this mentality have commonly challenged themselves in their careers, vocations and academic pursuits.  Regardless of their profession, these people have found success or rather success finds them!  Many with this mindset find themselves in leadership roles, as others often rely on their upbeat attitude and optimism. They are not intimidated by obstacles, but use these hurdles as a catalyst for growth and understanding.  Others often describe this level as magnetic; people are instinctively attracted to those of this mentality.  They typically have great interpersonal skills allowing them to create and sustain healthy relationships but find it harder to create good relationships than to succeed in business.  These types of people are comfortable at the center of the party or the center of the boardroom.

Knowing your desire for spiritual development, I am sure you are asking yourself, what can I do to keep this expansion going?

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