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Medical doctor stops relying on external validation and starts believing in herself

In Toronto Canada, Betty is a family doctor, wife and mother to two grown, happy and healthy daughters. Betty is incredibly driven, having dedicated the last 37 years to achieving significant milestones in her career and family life.

In spite of her many accomplishments, Betty felt there was still more work to do. She yearned to make improvements in her spiritual journey and interpersonal relationships.

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Cat Stapleton

Now that I have completed the Process, I am changed. Prior to attending this class, I was unaware of how many limiting beliefs I had. I wasn't mindful of my power to create anything I wanted, even though I have heard that it is possible many times. I was reactive, often still thinking in what I've realized was a subtle victim mindset. Now, my awareness of just this piece has shifted the way I walk through the world.

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Single mother learns she can still be strong while accepting help from others

From a young age, Laura felt a strong current of spiritual energy. She always suspected it was generated from a higher power, but the higher power she imagined didn’t align with the teachings of her Catholic church. Laura was determined to gain a better understanding of this powerful force that drew her in time and time again.

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Successful business entrepreneur and spiritual seeker

As a young, successful entrepreneur, Bryan had it all. With two prestigious degrees, various real estate investments, an expensive house, nice cars and a gorgeous, brilliant wife, he couldn’t ask for more.

However, Bryan couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that something wasn’t quite right. While life may have seemed perfect on the outside, something was missing on the inside. After extensive soul searching, it dawned on Bryan that he’d lost his life purpose.

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Piper B.

Millennial seeking deeper spirituality gains clarity and more

Piper is a 30-something sales and marketing expert for a real estate development company in upstate New York in the Hudson Valley. Though she was raised Methodist from a young age, she never connected strongly with the faith. While she certainly didn’t reject being a Christian, she felt that the church was built more for the needs of society than the needs of the soul. Piper yearned to find something more soul-provoking.

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Tony I.

Military veteran learns to shift his perspective and foster his new life purpose

On July 4, 2017, Tony could walk. On July 5, 2017, he couldn’t walk anymore. For the next year, Tony remained paralyzed. He visited several doctors, but his condition was inexplicable.

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Ecleave J.

Strong Southern woman harnesses her own power to be a more effective community leader

Ecleave is a strong Southern woman, proud to be called by her distinct and unusual name. Time and experience have taught Ecleave that while there will always be bumps in the road, the trick is to learn how to handle those bumps with grace. As a self proclaimed feminist, Ecleave created a Women's Ministry that would empower women to pursue their dreams and passions. She observed that the women were hitting bumps in the road of their own but would reluctantly turn or share with the group for support to find solace during their time of need. Nevertheless, Ecleave persisted, hoping change would happen over time.

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John S.

Faithful family man and experienced leader struggles to remain present and purposeful

John leads a well-rounded, fulfilling life. In addition to being an avid traveler and reader, he’s dedicated to his wife of 40 years, two children and career. In 2012, after more than 36 years at the same company, John decided it was time for a change. He left his role as a corporate human resources senior advisor and leadership coach to start his own executive and career coaching practice.

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A gay woman with repressed memories finally reveals her truth and begins the healing process

Teresa was raised in a very strict, Southern Baptist home in Oklahoma. From an early age, her parents strove to instill traditional values in their daughter. She ultimately took their advice, becoming a secretary and getting married in her early twenties. However, as the years went by, Teresa began to feel empty inside. She and her husband both knew she wasn’t happy anymore. At 30 years old, Teresa finally admitted to him, and to herself, that she was gay.

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Grow Yourself.  Grow Your Business.

You have built your business. You are at the peak of your game. You know you can take it to the next level, but there is one thing that will stop you from getting there and it is hiding in plain sight. The quality of your relationships, especially the way you relate to yourself, is fundamental to 10X your business and grow to the next level.

Often, we are unaware that stresses in our closest relationships as well as our internal conflicts with ourselves can have a negative impact on the success of our business and achievement of our goals. Dr. Jayne’s proprietary process helps high performing entrepreneurs and CEOs understand the secret connection between one’s quality of life,  and achieving exponential business growth.

Relationships Matter: Making Time for What Matters Most

Dr. Jayne uses neuroscience research to change the dynamics of personal and business relationships by helping  people remove limiting beliefs, raise their emotional set point, and rewire their brain for more productive behavioral patterns in their daily lives.


“Everything begins with you! Change yourself; change your relationships. Rebuild your brain; rebuild your world. Better relationships make better businesses.”

~Dr. Jayne Gardner


Live a Life of Authenticity!

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Divine Intelligence

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Clearing Barriers to Succession Planning for a Family-owned Business

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Re-wired for success

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Bringing your business out of the darkness

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With the right mindset, business leaders can transform economic crisis into a re-awakening of the American Spirit By Jayne Gardner, Ph.D.   Doubt. Fear. Crisis. As the world slogs through the economic downturn, American workers are losing faith. They no longer trust themselves, their companies, or even their country’s economic system. Older employees struggle with…

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