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Know Yourself. Be Yourself.

Spirituality and science show an innate, invisible intelligence is within each of us. The discovery and cultivation of this intelligence unveils the meaning and purpose we seek in our lives. Our science-based, personal and professional programs are designed to provide and support you with a unique and effective process to connect to that unlimited, invisible force within you.

We are all divine. 

This realization changed my life, and it will change yours: The source of all power lies within us. When we look within ourselves and accept that one truth, we can begin to create the limitless life we were meant to live. Awakening this divinity will change the way you see yourself; activating this divinity will change the way you view and create your world.

What is Divine Intelligence?

 Divine Intelligence does not belong to any religious ideology.  Its focus is personal transformation and spiritual advancement. DI is an awareness of the unlimited, creative potential within you, and it infers a deep connection between our minds and the fundamental makeup of the Universe.

Neuroscience calls it Ipseity. Quantum physics calls it the Zero Point Field. Religion calls it God. I call it the Creator within.

The search for God is really the search for self. You don’t have to be religious to grow spiritually; you must only be open to exploring and deepening your connection to your “self.” Your search ends here. Discover how the Divine Intelligence Process can guide you to good health, financial security, and emotional well-being.

Founded by Jayne Gardner, PhD, MCC, LPC, our mission is to Awaken the “Creator” within you. We help you uncover this inner power, connect with it, and use it to be who you decided you wanted to be before you ever set foot on this planet.

Discover the tools we have created to share our unique and proprietary Divine Intelligence Process™ for your personal spiritual advancement and evolution or to enhance your professional career by becoming a Certified Spiritual Life Coach™ - or both.

The Divine Intelligence Institute is proudly recognized by the International Coach Federation as an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP). Upon completion of our Spiritual Life Coach Certification, our clients are recognized as qualified life coaching professionals. For personal or professional support, please contact us.

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Divine Intelligence

A Scientific and Spiritual Process for Awakening the “Creator” Within

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If not Religion, then what? So many of my clients and friends are disconnecting from mainstream religion, feeling it is no longer living out its original intention. Since one in every five people in the United States say they are not religious, then what are they? When the conversation turns to: “So, what faith are…

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Hi everyone, I read the following article, written by Jane Fuller, on spirituality and business and would love to know your response…. I am always interested in businesses who want to use my spiritual process for development of their people; therefore it is good to hear the power of spiritual advancement is getting out there……

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A Trigger Free World

January 29, 2018 | 3 Comments

Keeping true to our mission: to light up the human spirit one person at a time through this process, The Divine Intelligence Institute also invites you to participate in raising the Light Frequency of the collective consciousness in our Universe. The vision of The Divine Intelligence Institute is to help 15% of the world’s population…

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