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What is Divine Intelligence and why do we need it now more than ever?

We live in a world where we’re more connected than ever, yet more disconnected from ourselves and others. The pressure to do well in all areas of life seems more intense now than ever before, yet most of us feel as if we’re falling short of those expectations. But what if there was something else we could do to help stop the cycle of insanity (as Einstein famously defines it) and start reaching our potential?

After years of research and working with individuals from all walks of life, Dr. Jayne Gardner discovered that at the root cause of discontentment and seemingly unrelated roadblocks lies the deep need for people to find their Authentic Self, the seat of their Divine Intelligence™.

In scientific terms, Divine Intelligence™ is defined by the balance of a calm Limbic System (“feeling brain”) managed by an energized Neocortex (“thinking brain”).

People who are happy, productive and fulfilled have a more calm Limbic System and a more energized Neocortex. This is the state that we are most aligned with at birth. This is our Divine Intelligence.

The Divine Intelligence Process™ helps people find this balance. By working through our emotions we are able to peel back our limiting beliefs to uncover our Authentic Self.

Based in Psychology, Quantum Physics, the latest in Neuroscience research and ancient spiritual wisdom, the 12 weeks of webinars allow individuals to rewire their brains in order to unveil their Authentic Self and the limitless possibilities available to them in this life.

The end result of the Divine Intelligence Process (or any spiritual process) is for the individual to be guided by their internal vision rather than external pressures.

This process has helped thousands of individuals from all walks of life improve everything from their relationships to their health and professional careers.

Dr. Jayne Gardner is a true pioneer in the science of spirituality! Divine Intelligence is the handbook for a new era of spirituality, a must read for seekers who are ready to take their quest to the next level.

Kathleen McGowan, international best-selling author of The Expected One


There are several ways to experience The Divine Intelligence Process:

1. Read Dr. Jayne’s book: Divine Intelligence - Buy on Amazon 

2. Enroll in a 12-week Webinar course presented live by Dr. Jayne.

3. Online, self-paced, coming in November 2019!


Uncover the Divine Intelligence within you!

Divine Intelligence

A Scientific and Spiritual Process for Awakening the “Creator” Within

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