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Spiritual Life Coaching: Level II

Our Spiritual Life Coaching: Level II is our marquee offering. This 126 hour certification program will provide students with both our ICF-accredited Core Coach certification and our Divine Intelligence Institute-sanctioned Certified Spiritual Life Coach™ designation, allowing you to apply the principles of Spiritual Life Coaching to your own practice.

In addition, unique to The Divine Intelligence Institute™, we provide our life coach graduates with continued interaction and a strong, active life coaching community, including opportunities for ongoing networking, and training. Our core course includes specific steps for jumpstarting your life coaching business – a gap in many life coach training schools.

As part of the Divine Intelligence Institute's path to spiritual life coaching certification, the Spiritual Life Coach process builds upon the foundation we set out in our ACTP-certified Core training program. The SLC process focuses on developing the individual's spiritual self through a series of coaching interaction and self-reflection we formerly called The Dialogues, which start our clients on a course for unplugging from their external authority and finding what we call the "authentic self."

Our Spiritual Life Coach: Level II course culminates in defining your interior life and then learning to live life in your newly awakened self.

As a Certified Spiritual Life Coaching school, the Divine Intelligence Institute places a priority on coaching our clients one on one. Our training takes place over a 5-day period in person at our headquarters in Dallas, TX. Additionally, all Spiritual Life Coaching clients given the opportunity to hire a Certified Spiritual Life Coach to help them through the dialogues, or take our Divine Intelligence Process workshops.

There are various options out there for certification including online spiritual life coaching certification and free spiritual life coaching certifications, but they fail to offer the quality of training that working with an ICF-certified spiritual life coach affords.



Course Details

Prerequisite: Must have completed the Spiritual Life Coach: Level I and either complete or be currently enrolled in a Divine Intelligence Process course.

Spiritual Life Coaching: Level II Offers Approved ACTP Hours for ICF Certification If you have questions about where you should start, please feel free to email us

Total Class Hours: 126

A message from Dr. Jayne

"Since developing the spiritual process in the early nineties, I have received an overwhelming validation of their need and value. During the last twenty years, I have continued to make them available to my clients as well as other coaches who want to bring them to their clients. The Spiritual Life Coach process (formerly the Dialogues) have begun their travel around the world and now encompass a global society.

“My intention is, and always has been, that the universal spiritual process of the Divine Intelligence Process is not to be associated with any one religion but rather it honors and includes all people. Indeed, Divine Intelligence is a religion of life, a joyous celebration of everyone’s innate spiritual nature and power. Students have reported deeply moving experiences resulting in awakening to the presence of this internal spirit.  We are all one. Thus, uncovering the spirit within each of us holds forth the promise of an eternal life for us all.

“With the latest developments in neuroscience, we are now confirming what is behind their success. The Divine Intelligence Process can sustain the change because they change the brain.”

What You Can Expect as a Level II Certified Spiritual Life Coach

As part of our Spiritual Life Coach: Level II course, we offer two ways to learn the process: work one on one with a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, or take our Divine Intelligence Process. Often, potential clients have questions about how the certification process works and what the Divine Intelligence Process™ will teach them, so we've provided a basic overview of the nature of this relationship.

The professional coaching relationship is a partnership between Client and Coach, each with specific responsibilities.

Certified Spiritual Life Coaches will:

As a Certified Spiritual Life Coach client, you make the following commitments:


"I have always focused on achieving more, getting better, and basically reaching for perfection! But, my approach was no longer yielding the personal satisfaction that I was targeting. A few years ago, a friend recommended Dr. Jayne Gardner and the Gardner Institute’s uniquely positive ‘Mindset for Success’ program.

"I had previously made many investments to enhance my business skills over the years… but Dr. Jayne’s ‘Mindset for Success’ program required a unique personal investment, also. After our first meeting, I enthusiastically committed to the tools that would eventually enhance my business, personal and spiritual life beyond my highest expectations.

"Our work together yielded an immediate payoff… but more importantly it began a life-long journey that I am excited to continue. "Mindset for Success" and the associated tools generated a renewed confidence that allowed me to reach for levels of success that had previously seemed all but impossible. Our work together has helped me define my true gifts and to focus on my passions… to become a more authentic individual and to grow closer to God, my family and my co-workers. The value was so great that I also invested in a customized program for my national sales team.

"After a multi-year professional relationship, I unequivocally endorse Dr. Jayne Gardner and the Gardner Institute. This relationship easily ranks as one of most extraordinary investments I’ve made in my personal and professional life."

Pete Baynard

Senior Director, Strategic Business Development, Zenta Mortgage Services

"The Mindset Training is engaging, well-organized, and innovative. It will facilitate growth as a coach and at a personal level. Highly recommended.”

Cindy Pladziewicz, J.D., Ph.D, PCC

"My true self is my real self, what a wonder person I am. I say this “only” after attending the Mindset Program.”

Manzie Britt, Counselor at Rescare, New Jersey