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Divine Intelligence:

A Scientific and Spiritual Process for Awakening the Creator Within

Does the idea of “God” leave you conflicted?

Or perhaps even turned off?

If you’re like many, you believe in a greater force, as a gateway to a more fulfilling, meaningful life. But, have you ever sensed that this power might be in you?

A scientific and spiritual process for awakening the “Divine Within”, Divine Intelligence shares its powerful message in 15 Universal Spiritual Truths woven throughout the true story of Dan, an unemployed executive who sets out to find a job, and ends up with infinitely more. 

Read about how he transforms his traditional image of God as a separate, external entity, into an internal force he can call on to attract all he desires.

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"Our Relationship with Ourselves is the Gateway to Our Relationship with God."  


According to cutting-edge neuroscience research, an intelligence exists inside each of us, beyond our known human capabilities. Advanced studies of brain function reveal this divine power exists within you. When you are able to tap into this “Divine Intelligence,” you gain unlimited power to overcome any external happening and create a new reality for yourself.

Grounded in Universal Spiritual Truths, drawing from all the world's faith and backed by neuroscience, Divine Intelligence offers readers the tantalizing promise to:
  1. Connect YOU with an inner spiritual "God," not an external religious one.
  2. Allow you to meet your Authentic Self and make decisions based on your own unique belief system.
  3. Put you at the helm of your life, drawing on internal strength to overcome obstacles and create new opportunities.

The life you’ve always dreamed of living — crafted by your own design — is within your grasp!


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