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The Divine Intelligence Quotient Test

Have you ever wondered where you are in your spiritual journey?  

At the Divine Intelligence Institute, we have identified 5 levels of spiritual growth; each level provides you with a measurement of how “Awake" you are or where you are at in your level of "Divine Intelligence."

Once you take this Spiritual IQ test—it means you are on the journey and your intent is to grow spiritually and to Awaken to the “God” Within You. 

Level 1—means you are just beginning to open your eyes, or maybe just beginning to get really serious in your quest.

Level 5—means you are equal to a spiritual avatar, eyes wide open taking 100% responsibility for your life.  Most of us will end up somewhere in between. 

There is no judgement—or anything “negative” in your results. The benefit of understanding your Divine Intelligence Quotient is to assess where you currently are and how to move up to the next level of your spiritual development. Our programs are designed to advance your progress, at your own pace. 

After you spend 10-15 minute taking the test, the results are automatically delivered upon completion with your score plus 4-5 suggestions on specific actions you can do to move to the next level. We are dedicated to the uplifting of humanity one Spirit at a time. We are here to support your spiritual growth. Beyond the constraints of religion, or limiting belief systems, our programs are designed to fully and unconditionally Awaken that “inner spark” that is You to maximize your fullest potential.

For more information please email us at: contact@divineintelligenceinstitute.com

Please join us in a spiritual movement to Awaken the “God” Within you — in all of us!