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Jayne Gardner, PhD.

Master Certified Coach

Licensed Professional Counselor

Founder of The Divine Intelligence Institute™

Dr. Jayne Gardner, MCC, LPC is an emerging New Thought Leader specializing in Spiritual Psychology. She is also a Master Certified Coach; one of only 400 in the entire world. She is founder of The Divine Intelligence Institute™ (formerly The Gardner Institute) and author of Divine Intelligence: A Scientific and Spiritual Process for Awakening the Creator Within (© March 20, 2017/Mindset Press). Through her proprietary Divine Intelligence Process™ she helps individuals and groups accelerate their spiritual advancement. She also offers Spiritual Life Coach Certification™ (endorsed by the International Coach Federation).

Through her Institute, Dr. Jayne offers a wide array of professional and personal services and tools for transformation of consciousness grounded in science, ancient wisdom and universal spiritual truths including The Divine Intelligence Process™ and Spiritual Life Coach Certification.

Dr. Jayne has found success comes when we focus internally and access the infinite source of energy, some call God, or Consciousness or an unseen Force that binds the universe. Through her myriad testimonials she has witnessed first hand the amazing and profound power of what she terms “Awakening the Creator Within.”

The last quarter of a century Dr.Jayne’s professional life has been dedicated to the study of personal transformation. In 2008, she graduated from the University of Texas Dallas School of Management with a major in Executive and Professional Coaching. She has since taught as Adjunct Professor of Business and Professional Communication at Texas Christian University, and as an Executive Coach at the University of Dallas.

Thousands of lives have been positively impacted and transformed through her private counseling and coaching practice inspiring hundreds of them to become certified as Spiritual Life Coaches (formerly known as Mindset for Success) through her Institute.

Dr. Gardner holds a doctorate degree in psychology and counseling and state licensure as an LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) and LMFT ( Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist ). She has written for numerous magazines and professional journals articles, and media outlets including SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management ), Dallas Business Journal, Science of Mind magazine. She has hosted her own radio show called Wired to Win (KRLD-AM/Dallas) has appeared on CNN’s Business Unusual , as well as, on Good Morning Texas (ABC affiliate). Her authentic presence engages audiences quickly and leaves a lasting impact.

Because of her vast life experience, education and presentation style, she receives rave reviews from audiences nationwide; presenting all over the US to many prestigious groups such as the International Coach Federation, Unity Churches and Young Presidents’ Organization.




What Others Are Saying About Dr. Jayne


"Of all the 'people' tools we've explored and implemented in the company, I count Dr. Jayne’s process as the most valuable to the company and the individual.”

- Perry Lacy, 
Personal and Career Coach

“Dr. Jayne’s process provided a renewed personal and professional self.  I gained more productivity in my work life and better quality of personal life by focusing on how to set boundaries, and value myself enough to set those boundaries.  Her process gives you the confidence to take on what may seem impossible.  The result of the process drew me closer to God, my husband, family, and co-workers, and helped me find my passion and gift.  I was truly grateful to go through the process, and am so excited that I have the mindset to carry on a joyful life for the rest of my life.“

- Katie Goody, Recruiter

“The Institute’s Coach Training is engaging, well-organized, and innovative. It will facilitate growth as a coach and at a personal level. Highly recommended.”

- Cindy Pladziewicz, J.D., Ph.D, PCC

“The group dynamics of the class were exceptional. I gained so much insight from Jayne, Dave, and my fellow coaches. The materials are time-tested, well thought out and refined. The will be a personal and professional resource to rely on for years to come.”

- Penny Rackley, Coach

"Our work together has helped me define my true gifts and to focus on my passions… to become a more authentic individual and to grow closer to God, my family and my co-workers. The value was so great that I also invested in a customized program for my national sales team.

After a multi-year professional relationship, I unequivocally endorse Dr. Jayne Gardner and the Institute. This relationship easily ranks as one of most extraordinary investments I’ve made in my personal and professional life."

- Paul T. Baynard, Jr.,  Senior Director, Strategic Business Development

"Having spent the majority of my life in therapy, no process (or anyone for that matter) has ever helped me as much as Dr. Jayne’s has.  Right now I feel like a 5 million pound weight has been lifted and for the first time in my life feel 100% comfortable in my own skin and being okay with knowing what it is I actually do need and want for myself. It really feels kinda awesome :)"

- Laura Gossett

"Dr. Gardner's presentation was impressive and valuable to me because she is REAL!  The minute she begins speaking, you feel her authenticity.  There is almost an Erma Bombeck quality about her real-life approach.  As soon as she begins doing her work, there is no doubt about the proficiency with which she helps clients shift their thinking to create profound results."
- Mickie Schroeder, Kansas City International Coach's Federation