Divine Intelligence Institute - Certified Spiritual Life Coach FAQ | Divine Intelligence Institute


We often get questions about life coaching from current and prospective clients who are considering beginning the process of life coach certification. We strive to provide answers. If you do not find the answers you are looking for below, feel free to get in touch with us directly.


1. What is the difference between Divine Intelligence Institute’s Spiritual Life Coach Certification and other coach training schools?

The Divine Intelligence Institute's Spiritual Life Coach Certification Level I, like all ICF-approved training programs, is designed to prepare participants to demonstrate the life coaching core competencies as required for ICF credentials. However, unique to the Gardner Institute program, we provide our coach graduates with continued interaction among a coaching community, including opportunities for ongoing marketing, training, personal and professional development, and client referral support.


2. What is the difference between Divine Intelligence Institute’s Spiritual Life Coaching Certification™ coach training and other coach training schools?

The Spiritual Life Coach Certification™ process is noted in the coaching world for its deep impact on the client and its ability to help them produce sustained personal change. It is based on the latest neuroscience research. Coaches who successfully complete SLC Certification training may then use this proprietary process with their clients.


3. What does it mean in the Prerequisites , “If you are new to coachingyou must sign up to coach with a Certified Spiritual Life Coach?” 

The Divine Intelligence Institute trains coaches who are committed to their own personal growth, based on the premise that individuals first must be willing to work on themselves before earning the right to coach others. To be eligible for the Spiritual Life Coaching Certification™, participants are required to work with a Divine Intelligence Institute life coach and complete the Spiritual Life Coach Dialogues before beginning the SLC Certification, or enroll in the Divine Intelligence Process. Many complete the Spiritual Life Coaching Certification Level 2 personal coaching program in six to eight months.


4. What is the difference in the prerequisite to be coached for SLC Level 1 vs. SLC Level 2 training?

Participants for the complete SLC Certification must already have completed 60 hours of training with an ICF approved school or have completed the Divine Intelligence Institute's Spiritual Life Coach Certification Level 1. They must also have completed the The Dialogues training with a Certified Spiritual Life Coachd prior to beginning the Mindset portion of their coach training.


5. What do I have to do besides the SLC Level 1 training to be eligible for ICF credentials?  When I complete the level 1, class will I have the ACC?

When you complete the Level 1 course, you will have 60 ACSTH (approved coach specific training hours). This meets the ICF requirements for training hours for ACC. The other requirements for ACC are:  (1) 100 client coaching hours (25 can be pro-bono); (2) 10 mentor coaching hours; and (3) 2 letters of recommendation from a PCC or MCC coach. As a portfolio applicant, you will take an oral exam administered by phone by an ICF assessor – the exam will be a coaching role play in which you must demonstrate the ICF Core Competencies.  Detailed information is available on the ICF website.


6. What is the timeline I could expect to get my ICF credentials? 

The critical path is getting 60 hours of ACSTH and 100 client coaching hours, so it is really up to you to accumulate the 100 hours as quickly as you are able to.  For example, if you have 6 clients and coach them each for 3 one-hour sessions per month, that’s 18 hours in a month, so in five to six months, you could easily have the 100 hours.


7. When can I start coaching clients?

As soon as you feel ready!  We encourage you to start attracting clients after the 4-day Spiritual Life Coach Certification Level 1 workshop. You will have to have 20 hours of client coaching hours to officially complete the Level 1 course.


8. How much coaching practice will I get during training? 

The onsite workshop and all Tele-classes include practice coaching role plays. Participants rotate the assignment of coach, client and observer. The actual number of times you will be the coach depends on how many participants are in the class.


9. I will be out of town for the Orientation conference call; is that a problem?

No, we can work around that. We will record the call and make it available to you.


10. I will be out of town for two of the Tele-classes. Is that a problem?

We allow a participant to miss up to two Tele-classes in any course without losing hours. Make-up assignments are required. On-site workshops must be attended in full; no make-ups allowed.


11. What will I have to do as make-up work for two missed Tele-classes?

You will be required to listen to the recording of the class and provide a written summary. Depending on the content of the class, there may be other assignments.


12. What is the purpose of the final written exam?

The final written exam tests your knowledge and comprehension of the course material. Throughout the course, your instructors will observe your coaching skills and demonstration of the ICF Core Competencies, and will provide verbal and written feedback. There is a 30 minute oral exam that tests your demonstration of the ICF Core Competencies.


13. What is the written exam like?

The written exam includes True/False, Multiple Choice, Fill-in-the Blank and show answer questions.


14. How many people are in most classes?  What is the minimum and maximum numbers you’ve had or would allow?

The average class size is 8. The minimum and maximum class sizes are determined on a class by class basis.


15. When I complete the Core course, will I be a Certified Spiritual Life Coach™? 

When you complete the entire Certified Spiritual Life Coach Training program and pass the final written exam you will be an ACSTH-licensed Spiritual Life Coach.