Gardner Institute - How Does the Gardner Institute Train Spiritual Life Coaches? | Divine Intelligence Institute

A Certified Spiritual Life Coach™ at the Divine Intelligence Institute learns how to catapults clients to another level of personal growth. Dr. Jayne Gardner created Divine Intelligence, a process that catapults clients to a higher understanding of themselves and ultimate purpose. 

Divine Intelligence integrates Universal Spiritual Principles found in the wisdom and truths passed down through the ages, thousands of years before the conception of the major world religions. Our Spiritual Principles value the divine within each of us, and how we are constantly creating our lives today, consciously and unconsciously. Whether we believe in our divine capacity to create or not, these principles illustrate our powers to actively shape our lives.

A Certified Spiritual Life Coach gains access to the exclusive and unprecedented process, Mindset for Success, created by Dr. Jayne Gardner. We train our Spiritual Life Coaches to guide clients on a profound journey where they are able to discover the limiting beliefs that have held them back from attaining what they have wanted. 

The fabric of these limiting beliefs are conditioned neural pathways that reflect negative beliefs that are untrue about one’s self.  The truly miraculous step in the process is where the client learns how to rewire their negative beliefs with conscious and empowering thought patterns.  Accepted laws of neuroscience validate each step of the Mindset Process. Client results are not left to trendy new age assumptions, but confirmed with spiritual truths and neuroscience breakthroughs.

In addition to certification, we also offer spiritual life coaching books and additional life coaching courses to help our clients on the path to certification.