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Your Spiritual IQ lies in the below average range.

Individuals who occupy this mindset feel that life is what happens to them, not what they create. This perspective allows for entitled helplessness, like pawns in a chess game, surrendering control to an all-knowing hand.  By assuming no responsibility for their circumstances, this population often blames others for any plight that they encounter.  Typically individuals occupying this state prefer to subscribe to whatever beliefs were spoon fed them in their adolescence.  They tend to hide behind rigid religious ideologies catering to their sense of powerlessness.  

People scoring within this range revert to religious dogmas that honor an ethical code that delineates a “right” and “wrong”.  Persons of this category tend to lack emotional resolve and are often unable to step back during an argument.  This behavior lends itself to ignite inappropriate reactions that are followed with regret. Fear, anxiety and nervousness hijack their ability to live in the moment and embrace life’s opportunities.  Their thoughts are often accompanied with the understanding that those of unlike minds are punished in an afterlife.  Without a good sense of self, their feelings are often hurt and they can be judgmental. They allow others’ opinion to influence how they perceive themselves and their own self-value. Poisoned by the pessimistic lens though which they filter the world around them, they are fated with unfortunate outcomes.

We all fall into these patterns at times.  Maybe you took this test in a moment of stress and it brought out answers which were from your negative thought patterns. Clear your head with some time alone and then read the below for some ideas.


Levels of Divine Intelligence in order from highest to lowest:
Level V: Divine Intelligence: Transcending the Material World - 5% of population
Level IV: Divine Intelligence, Awakened and Activated 15% of population
Level III: Divine Intelligence, Aware of own Creative Powers - 20% of population
Level II Divine Intelligence, Opening Eyes to New Possibilities - 30% of population
Level I: Divine Intelligence, Asleep and Unaware - 30% of population


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