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Mindset Synergy Testimonials

Want to know what you'll get out of our Mindset Synergy Groups, and why you should attend? Just watch some of our previous client testimonials below.





Written Testimonials for Synergy

I began Mindset with the simple intent of becoming more positive and more productive. In the process I not only accomplished those goals, but with the guidance of my coach, Vernita Steege, I also found more confidence, freedom, and contentment as well as a more lucrative career along the way. Vernita guided me through a comprehensive journey in search of my Authentic Self and helped me peel away the layers of my Conditioned Self the world around me had created. I’m now reconnected with the person I was born to be and am following that Divine Intelligence with an easy, natural, true gait…happily, productively and confidently. Vernita is a dedicated, caring, inspiring coach. Her persistence and determination in helping me work through many stumbling blocks in my search for my true self has been an amazing blessing and helped propel me forward to a much improved life.

- Katie