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Spiritual life coaching is a deeper method of traditional life coaching. Spiritual coaching takes an individual beneath the superficial surface of their existence into the depths of their essence. It helps them to discover and explore who they really are, their true passion, and their true intentions. As a result, the individual gains the power to create the life they choose and to live a more purposeful and meaningful life. Their relationship with themselves and the people in their lives improve. They also become more aware of their power and creativity.

The Gardner Institute is a spiritual life coach training school. At The Gardner Institute, we are focused on the evolution of the human spirit. We train our coaches to use a specific and proprietary coaching method called Mindset for Success. This is a unique coaching method used only by The Gardner Institute.

Our process, known as the Mindset for Success process is noted in the coaching world for its vertically deep impact on the client. Coaches who successfully complete the Mindset for Success life coach training are licensed to use this proprietary process with their clients.

The process itself is based on the latest neuroscience research, which indicates it is possible to rewire our old beliefs. Indeed Mindset does just that – the results are a cellular change as the belief system shifts and more positive and energizing beliefs are wired in.

The Mindset Process, a blend of spiritual truths and evidence based science, has been used by The Gardner Institute’s life coaches for ten years with hundreds of participants making deeply impacting thought changes and catapulting them forward to their goals. The benefits are physical, mental and spiritual, and show up as aligning the person’s decisions and values in a more effortless way for the client to identify their purpose and attain success in their professional and personal lives.


Success Story, Kelley McClain

Through the Mindset for Success program and coaching with Jayne, I was able to identify the limiting beliefs hindering me from reaching my full potential. Better than any training program or business book, the Mindset for Success program forces you to focus on what matters most...what you silently tell yourself every day. We are only limited by the invisible boundaries and rules that we place on ourselves. This program helps you identify those beliefs and rewire your mind to get different results. Mindset is a very effective program that creates tangible results for anyone willing to put in the honest effort.

I started the program focusing on the daily journaling to uncover my own limiting beliefs and did the hard work to rewire how I viewed myself and the world around me. I've seen not only a significant improvement at work with regards to confidence, but also a rewarding shift in my job satisfaction, and overall personal fulfillment. This program is powerful, because it does much more than create awareness of why you are who you are. This program facilitates making permanent changes to overcome the limiting beliefs you have been operating by for most of your life.

Kelley McClain, Senior Department Manager, CapitalOneAuto UTD EMBA Student

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